Stone machining center is mainly used for precision cutting and polishing of stone plates. It specializes in processing stone, kitchen countertops, ceramics, etc., and can achieve complex and precise carvings.

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The stone machining center is used for stone manufacturing. It is an all-round and multi-functional CNC engraving machine that can be used to process a variety of complex fine processes. It integrates cutting, contour edge, milling, and 3D engraving. The automation system greatly improves production. Efficiency, multi-functional and high-precision processing can be achieved.

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Features of Stone Machining Centers

Professionalism: The stone machining center is specially designed for more refined cutting of stone, and is also a cutting tool specially used for large stone.

Multifunctional processing: A linear tool magazine with multiple knives and a professional stone processing spindle can realize fine cutting, engraving, polishing and other types of processing of various stones.

Strong and reliable: Heavy-duty machine tool and hard table design, large-size frame is stronger and more stable, operation performance is more stable, and service life is longer.

Wide range of applications: It has both multi-function and high automation efficiency. It is widely used in stone plate cutting, tombstone milling, stone carving and advertising, kitchenware industry, etc.

Parameters of Stone Machining Centers

Model 5×10 ATC Stone CNC Machining Center for Stone Fabrication
Working area 3000x1500x400mm
Spindle KCA1410P-CTS spindle
Spindle speed 10000RPM
Tool magazine Linear tool magazine with 12 tools
Control system NC60A control system for stone machine
Motor and driver Japan YASKAWA servo motor, 7.5kw CTB servo motor for spindle
Working Table Phenolic board hard table, equipped with 8 suction cups
Tool holder BT40 tool holder
Reducer Japan Shimpo reducer/
Lubrication system Automatic lubrication
Voltage 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase
X,Y,Z Transmission Helical rack gears transmission on X, Y axis, Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission on Z axis
X,Y,Z Rail  Taiwan PMI linear guide rails, #35 for Y axis, #30 for XZ axis


With its high degree of automation, multi-function, high efficiency, stability and durability, the stone machining center can realize multi-angle stone machining, relief, line carving, hollowing and other processes, and is widely used in kitchen sinks, countertops, mold industry, advertising industry, kitchenware industry, arts and crafts decorations, etc.

Stone Machining Center-application-1

Kitchen sink

The stone processing center can cut, chamfer, and polish granite, marble, etc., and is suitable for making kitchen sink incisions and water channels.

Stone Machining Center-application-4

Kitchenware industry

The stone processing center can cut plates of different sizes and angles, and is suitable for processing kitchen and bathroom countertops.

stone machining center application-3-1

Construction industry

It can realize cutting and engraving at various angles, high-precision processing reduces errors, and can be used to process high-quality architectural elements.

Stone Machining Center-application-5

Arts and crafts

Based on automated settings, creative designs can be accurately expressed on stone to achieve engraving and contour edge milling.

stone machining center application-5

Decoration industry

Advanced technical accessories can perform complex engravings and can be used in the decoration industry, such as relief and stone carving.


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1. If the spindle cannot operate normally, first check whether an error code is displayed under the LED display. Check whether the reverse phase motor wire of the motor is interchanged at both ends of the output UVW terminal.

2. The stone engraving machine has a three-axis axis that cannot move. At this time, check whether the driving block corresponding to the corresponding axis is damaged. The inspection method can be replaced by the replacement method: unplug the plug corresponding to the fixed shaft, and unplug the plug corresponding to the driver of other aviation active shafts.

3. If the replacement shaft cannot move normally, it means that the corresponding shaft drive block is damaged and the drive block needs to be replaced. If the axis does not move or does not move, the cable or motor is faulty, replace the cable or motor. The three axes do not move. At this time, please check whether the three-axis control box is connected to the aviation plug and whether the control box is opened. Check whether the data cable is connected to the control box and computer host control card.

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A machining center is a CNC milling machine that can mill, drill, drill, tap and perform various other tasks without changing the attachment of the workpiece. It is more efficient in small batch and multi-variety production because it can reduce cutting time and improve processing efficiency.