The whole-house panel furniture customization solution uses a combination of different CNC machines to improve the automation level in furniture production.

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Panel furniture customization solutions can effectively improve the level of production automation, save human, material and financial costs, and improve products and quality.

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Features of Smart Fectory

Improve production efficiency: The panel furniture customization solutions is composed of CNC cutting machines, fully automatic edge banding machines, drilling machines and other equipment. It is highly intelligent and can improve production efficiency.
Improve product quality: The panel furniture production line uses mechanical processing, with high precision and small errors, which can improve product quality.
Customizable: The furniture production line can produce furniture of different shapes and sizes according to customer needs, achieving customized mass production.
Reduce costs: The panel furniture production line has a high degree of automation, which reduces labor costs. The work surface of the equipment adopts vacuum adsorption, which reduces the waste of plates and reduces the cost of raw materials.

Parameters of Smart Fectory

Connection Line Solution Staff Number Required Total Employees
CNC Cutting Unit 1 4
Edge Banding Rotary Unit 1
CNC Row Drilling Unit 1
Sorting & Packing 1


Nowadays, the furniture customization solution market is booming, and more and more furniture manufacturers choose to use panel furniture production lines. This is also the trend of production development. Panel furniture production lines are composed of multiple devices and are very convenient to use.

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Furniture production

Panel furniture production solutions are widely used in the furniture production industry, and different machines can be customized according to different needs.

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Cabinet manufacturing

CNC production equipment can meet the needs of customized cabinets with a high degree of automation and high efficiency.

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Door and window production

CNC equipment is more intelligent. After inputting data, the machine can run by itself, greatly saving manpower.

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Woodworking industry

Customized production solutions shift from modular production to fully automated production, mass production, and higher product quality.

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Decoration industry

Perfectly realize automated production of multiple equipment connections, effectively solving customer efficiency and personnel cost issues.


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The CNC fully automatic panel furniture production line is an automated, unmanned, and intelligent panel furniture production model that integrates the entire process from labeling, cutting, edge sealing, drilling, and intelligent sorting.

1. Improve production efficiency and comprehensive utilization of equipment, and significantly increase production capacity.
2. Reduce labor costs by more than 50% and realize a small-person, unmanned chemical factory production model.
3. It can quickly enhance the image of panel furniture manufacturing companies and improve the level of corporate management.
4. Reduce the labor intensity of workers and achieve standardized management of the factory.
5. The panel furniture production line is one of the few production models in China that realizes automated sorting functions, and its technical level is far ahead.