The slab & tile cutting line has multiple functions such as scanning, automatic cutting, milling, drilling, and polishing. It can simplify the production process, automatically load and unload materials, and is suitable for the stone processing industry.

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slab tile cutting line



The slab & tile cutting line has the advantages of high automation, low cost, and high efficiency. It is composed of a 4-axis and 5-axis bridge cutting machine, loading and unloading equipment, and a plate thickness machine. It is suitable for multi-angle cutting and polishing of granite, marble, and quartz stone. Integrated production greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor.

Features of Slab & Tile Cutting Lines

Automatic loading: Just put the material on the loading machine and it can be transported automatically, saving loading time and manpower.

High-precision cutting: The bridge saw machine can automatically take pictures through the camera, accurately locate the cutting point, and perform high-quality cutting according to the set path.

High degree of automation: The system automatically adjusts the knife and moves the stone slab when the spindle is cutting. There is no need to stop the machine for manual movement, which greatly improves work efficiency and saves manpower.

Automatic unloading: The unloader can automatically classify and unload processed materials, saving unloading time.

Parameters of Slab & Tile Cutting Lines

QX3400-5X-SP Quartz Stone Cutting Production Line
Bridge Saw Working travel X, Y, and Z 3400*2000*250mm
C axis ±365°
A axis 0-90°
Maximum thickness 80mm
Moving speed 25m/min
Spindle 22kw water cooling spindle, 4000rpm
Control system CutCam
Motor CutCam servo
Reducer Japan SHIMPO
Worktable (optional) Max. weight for feeding 1500kg
Max. speed for feeding 10m/min
Saw Dimension 450mm
Size 6000×3500×3600mm
Loader Working travel X, Y, and Z 3500*4000*1000mm
A axis 0-90°
Control system CutCam
Motor CutCam servo
Reducer Japan SHIMPO
Moving speed 25m/min
Max suction size 3200×1200mm
Min suction size 300×150mm
Power 8kw
Weight 3000kg
Machine size 5000×5800×3800mm


The slab & tile cutting line integrates the production line into one, simplifying the production process. Plates of multiple angles and shapes can be processed, and can be used to cut natural stone, artificial stone, ceramic tiles, concrete and other plates, bricks, etc.

Slab & Tile Cutting Line-application-1

Stone countertops

The slab & tile cutting line cuts and shapes slabs for precise production of kitchen countertops, sinks, etc.

Slab & Tile Cutting Line-application-2

Floor tiles

High production efficiency, can batch process stones and ceramic tiles of various sizes.

Slab & Tile Cutting Line-application-3

Architectural elements

Processing complex and fine patterns, suitable for manufacturing complex special-shaped architectural elements.

Slab & Tile Cutting Line-application-4

Stone tablets

Camera positioning and cutting enables more precise processing, and can also realize the craftsmanship of stone tablet engraving.

Slab & Tile Cutting Line-application-5

Stone artwork

High-precision carving can be performed from any angle, transforming artistic ideas into physical artworks more accurately.


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It can complete various stone processing such as stone edge milling, curved stone edge trimming, stone countertop cutting and milling, inclined stone edge trimming, curved stone edge trimming, and washbasin cutting.

1.Spindle power: One type is a low-power spindle, which has a small scope of application and is only suitable for processing materials such as color plates, small signs, and three-dimensional processes. The other is a high-power spindle, which is divided into two types. One is a large stone CNC machine tool, the working size is generally more than 1 meter, but the processing accuracy is generally very poor; the other is a medium-sized stone CNC machine tool, generally used for fine processing.

2.Spindle motor: The spindle needs to work when there is a high voltage. If the motor is not very good, the service life and efficiency will be affected.

3.Adjust the spindle speed range: Generally, the adjustable speed range is from several thousand to 30,000 revolutions per minute. If the speed is not adjustable or the adjustable speed is small, it indicates that its application range is very limited.

4.Car body manufacturing process: High-power machine tool car bodies must be precise and stable when working. Therefore, in order to ensure its processing accuracy and stability, machine tool body casting should be used.

5.Ball screws and guide rails: Affect the accuracy and usage time of the machine.