The Latest Efficient Production Solutions for Panel Furniture Production Equipment

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The upgraded version of the customized panel furniture production equipment solution is suitable for both customized production and mass production, so it can be put into operation at one time to meet various production needs. As long as the appropriate type of panel furniture production line equipment solution is selected according to the production capacity requirements of the furniture factory, You can get considerable returns.

Linear ATC machining center:

Introduction: The linear ATC machining center is widely used in the furniture manufacturing industry. It has an independent reverse warehouse and can complete automatic tool changes. It has a higher degree of automation and saves manpower.

Panel furniture production equipment program 2


  • High degree of automation: The in-line ATC machining center controls the processing process by pre-writing programs, so it can achieve fully automated processing effects.
  • High precision: This machining center can achieve high-precision processing through programming, avoiding errors caused by human operations. Therefore, the processed parts have higher precision, more stable quality, and higher reliability.
  • High production efficiency: ATC machining center has obvious advantages when processing multiple varieties and small batch production. It can quickly switch processing modes and the processing speed is also fast.
  • Strong processing capabilities: ATC and machining centers can complete tedious, complex, and difficult-to-process parts processing tasks.
  • Save labor costs: Since the atc center realizes automated processing, it can reduce the number of operating workers and reduce labor costs.

Edge banding machine:

Introduction: The fully automatic edge banding machine realizes automated production by integrating multiple processes. With higher production efficiency, precision and stability, it has effectively promoted the development of furniture manufacturing industry. The fully automatic edge banding machine can also realize automatic identification and optimized processing of materials to achieve the best utilization of materials.

Panel furniture production equipment program 3


  • Improve production efficiency: The fully automatic edge banding machine greatly shortens the production cycle and increases the factory’s production capacity.
  • Guarantee product quality: The fully automatic edge banding machine realizes the close integration between the edge and the board, improving the added value and market competitiveness of the product.
  • Save resources and reduce costs: The fully automatic edge banding machine can accurately calculate the required materials, reduce material loss, and reduce production costs.
  • Versatility and flexible customization: The fully automatic edge banding machine can support a variety of edge banding materials and plate types, providing diversified product customization capabilities.

Side drilling machine:

Introduction: The side drilling machine is an efficient and intelligent drilling equipment. It is highly intelligent and can avoid losses caused by workers’ operating errors, and its drilling quality is higher.

Panel furniture production equipment program 4


  • This side drilling machine has a high degree of automation. It can automatically complete the processing operation by simply adjusting the parameters, greatly improving the processing efficiency.
  • The side drilling machine does not need to repeatedly adjust the scale and can complete difficult drilling tasks in a short time.
  • The operation is very simple, and the drilling process can be completed automatically through the digital control system, reducing the operator’s work intensity.
  • Low cost, the drilling machine is very simple to use and does not require additional labor input, so labor costs can be reduced, and the maintenance cost of the drilling machine is also relatively low.

Polishing machine:

Introduction: The polishing machine plays a vital role in wood processing and production. It is not only used for thickness processing of artificial boards and solid wood parts, but also for fine sanding of the surface of veneers and paint films.

Panel furniture production equipment program 5


  • The operation of this polishing machine is very simple, just select the appropriate feeding speed.
  • The high degree of automation can freely adjust the speed, which can reduce workers’ operating errors.
  • Using advanced CNC system, the production efficiency is high and the polishing quality is higher.
  • It has complete supporting facilities and safety protection measures to protect the safety of staff.

Vacuum press machine:

Introduction: The vacuum press machine has a high degree of automation, higher plate quality, reduced heat loss, and greatly reduces the working pressure during the entire plate lamination process, improving the aesthetics of the plate workpiece.

Blister cabinet door production solutions 4


  • Compared with manual manufacturing of composite materials, this vacuum laminating machine greatly improves production efficiency.
  • The vacuum laminating machine can closely combine different materials in a short time and improve the processing quality.
  • Highly adaptable, this machine can work in different environments and adapt to different work requirements, thereby better meeting customer needs.
  • The vacuum laminating machine has a variety of quality monitoring and control systems, which can greatly improve production efficiency while ensuring production quality.

Precision saw:

Introduction: Precision panel saws are also called sliding table saws. They are mainly used for longitudinal, cross-sectional or angled sawing of plywood, particleboards, fiberboards, veneers, laminated boards, blockboards, spliced solid boards and plastic boards. processing.

Panel furniture production equipment program 5


  • Compared with traditional panel saws, the error is smaller and the accuracy is higher. This results in less waste during wood processing and improves material utilization.
  • Cutting and processing can be performed quickly, production efficiency is greatly improved, and processing time is shortened.
  • Made of high-quality materials and advanced technology, it has high stability and reliability.

Curved and straight edge banding machine:

Introduction: The curved and straight edge banding machine can efficiently trim and seal the edges of various furniture, such as wardrobes, cabinets, bookcases, desks, etc., to achieve a variety of edge sealing including H-shaped (arc), L-shaped, oblique and straight integrated, etc. Shape to meet the design and customization needs of different home decoration customers.

W1 Folding Arm Wood Edge Bander Machine 1


  • The curved and straight edge banding machine can process the edges of various shapes of boards to improve the quality and grade of furniture.
  • The curved and straight edge banding machine has functions such as automatic cutting and automatic edge banding, which greatly improves work efficiency.
  • The curved and straight edge banding machine has high precision, high output and low consumption, reducing production costs.

Double-head hinge drill machine:

Introduction: Double-head hinge drilling machines drill holes with high precision and speed. It can be used for precision machining and mass production, and can improve production efficiency and product quality.

Double Head Hinge Drill Machine 1


  • Double-head hinge drilling machine can meet different drilling needs and is both convenient and practical.
  • The double-head drill is small in size, light in weight, and very simple and convenient to operate.
  • As a multi-functional tool, the double-head drill reduces the frequency of tool replacement and improves production efficiency.
  • Due to its high accuracy, it can accurately complete drilling work, reduce error rates, and effectively improve work efficiency.

Metal strip cutting machine:

Introduction: The metal strip cutting machine has high production quality and high efficiency, and is mostly used for the decoration and production of wooden door cabinet door background walls.

Metal T-shaped strip cutting machine 1


  • The sawtooth cutting is accurate, the error is small, and the cutting efficiency is high.
  • It can reduce manual operations and reduce production costs.
  • The equipment has a long life and can be used for a long time.


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The panel furniture production equipment is a complete set of multifunctional supporting equipment. It can perform operations such as engraving, edge banding, drilling, laminating, and cutting, providing a complete set of production equipment solutions for furniture processing.