Intelligent Fully Automatic Nesting CNC Cell

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  • Higher productivity
  • Plate utilization increased by 40%
  • Smart Factory Cell

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After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


The nesting CNC cell consists of an intelligent nesting machine and a multi-axis robot, which can complete processes such as automatic labeling, cutting, and drilling. Products can be manufactured much faster. At the same time, machines replace manual operations, reducing many labor costs and improving production efficiency.


Forklift delivering plates to elevator → Labeling machine grabbing and auto labeling plates → Cutting machine drilling, grooving, and cutting plates → Robot grabbing plates and delivering plates to translation power live-roller gear → plates entering into cache bin and waiting to be delivered to edge banding unit

  • Simple operation: Workers in the nesting CNC cell only need to place the plate on the work surfacemachine’s work surface of the machine to complete various production processes of the processmachine’s work surfaceed parts. The equipment is simple to operate, and workers with zero experience can operate it independently after 1-2 hours of training.
  • Save time and effort: computer software automatically layouts and processes plates, with high raw material utilization. The machine can be optionally equipped with automatic positioning and processing, and automatic feeding after processing is completed. Workers only need to pick up the boards.
  • Save materials: CNC cutting tools are all equipped with genuine design and splitting software, optimized typesetting software for production and processing, and can be used for mass production.
  • Improve the working environment: The CNC cutting unit is equipped with a professional vacuum cleaner, which can absorb more than 90% of powder dust during operation, improving the working environment.

Equipment List:

Equipment Name Unit Quantity Employees
Automatic labeling machine Set 2 1
CNC cutting machine Set 2
Blanking platform Set 2
Power convey roller Set 1
Robot Set 1

Detailed Images:

smart fectory Nesting CNC Cell 1

Smart Fectory Nesting CNC Cell 2

Smart Fectory Nesting CNC Cell 2


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Application & Sample

The nesting CNC cell is composed of multiple CNC nesting machines and multi-axis robots. It can freely choose and combine according to needs, improve the utilization rate of panels, automatically layout processing, and realize the drilling, slotting, and cutting of panels.