Very Practical Rear-Loading Computerized Panel Saw Machine for the Furniture Industry Banding

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  • Overall dimension:5900x5800x1800mm
  • Max. cutting length:3300mm
  • Cutting accuracy:±0.15mm

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Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


This computer panel saw machine is a rear-loading panel saw, it can achieve very fast production speeds and is very suitable for mass production of panels. Ability to cut sheets quickly, easily, and accurately.


  • The cutting accuracy of this computerized panel saw machine can reach ±0.15mm, and the cutting thickness can reach 100mm. It has CNC intelligent control to reduce errors.
  • The machine uses advanced high-performance limit switches to ensure extremely precise saw stroke control.
  • Its base is welded from steel plates and its structure is very stable.
  • This panel saw machine has a self-diagnostic function that provides a comprehensive list of possible fault causes so the operator can easily troubleshoot the problem.
  • Adopt circular motion guide rail feeding to improve accuracy and reduce workload.


Model ELECNC-330C
Overall dimension 5900x5800x1800mm
Max. cutting length 3300mm
Max. cutting thickness 100mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.15mm
Main saw rotating speed 4100r/min
Max. auto feeding speed 100m/min
Groove saw rotating speed 6200r/min
Main saw motor 15kW
Groove saw motor 2.2kW
High pressure fan 2.2kW
Total power 23kW
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPA


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Application & Sample

The computer panel saw machine is a highly efficient precision cutting saw that can cut panels vertically and horizontally. It is an essential equipment for panel furniture factories and construction and decoration industries. Because this panel saw is controlled by a CNC system, it Also known as CNC panel saw.