Profiling Corner Trimming Machine for Trimming Panel Furniture

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  • Dimensions:710*500*460mm
  • Trimming thickness:0.3-3mm
  • Trimming height:60mm

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Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


This profiling corner trimming machine has the characteristics of novel structure, easy operation and adjustment, and smooth edge trimming. It makes the edge sealing of furniture, kitchen cabinets, and other door panels more perfect, and the work efficiency is extremely high.


  • The profiling corner trimming machine can realize automated chamfering processing. The machine can automatically adjust during the processing process, improving production efficiency.
  • When the plate contacts the travel switch, the rounding of the plate can be completed in one second, which is very efficient.
  • Easy to use, the tool can run according to the shape trajectory of the template, and it is easy to cut out various shapes.


Name Profiling corner trimming machine
Dimensions 710*500*460mm
Trimming thickness 0.3-3mm
Trimming height 60mm
Voltage 220v
Access air pressure 0.5-0.8mpa
Power 350w
Weight 27kg




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Application & Sample

The profiling corner trimming machine can perform arc chamfering and can chamfer and trim various door panels. It automatically adjusts the size and angle of the chamfer, reduces processing errors, and improves efficiency. It is suitable for smooth trimming of furniture such as cabinets and doors.