Perfect Rubberized Powder Coated Roller Table

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  • Width range:1115mm
  • Length range:3000mm
  • Height range:950±50

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Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


Powder coated roller table can greatly improve the efficiency of plate transportation in factories and cause little damage to the plates, so they are widely used in furniture production lines.


  • No limit on conveying distance: Powder coated roller table can be configured according to actual needs to achieve long-distance continuous conveying.
  • Adaptable: It can adapt to a variety of different item shapes and sizes.
  • Less damage to the plate: The surface of the roller table is covered with imported rubber, which is wear-resistant and not easily damaged, reducing damage to the plate.
  • Stable speed: The speed of the roller conveyor is stable, which can ensure the conveying speed of materials.


Model FQ-DLG1330
Width range 1115mm
Length range 3000mm
Height range 950±50
Loading 50kg


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Application & Sample

The powder coated roller table is driven by a motor chain and a tension belt. Its structure is simple and easy to maintain. It is used for transporting panels to ensure the integrity of the materials, and is widely used in the transportation of furniture panels.