Furniture Production Solutions for Non-hole Process Cabinet Processing

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The non-hole process cabinet production solution mainly consists of a hole-free process processing center, a saw blade side drilling machine, and a fully automatic edge banding machine. It can not only process the installation slots required for various invisible links but also process the installation holes for common two-in-one and three-in-one connectors for panel furniture.


Non-porous process machining center:

Introduction: The non-porous process machining center is equipped with a high-power tool change spindle, a large-capacity servo tool magazine, and special devices for sawing, milling, and grooving. It is suitable for diversified and complex product processing or various processing procedures. One-time cutting, drilling, cutting, trimming, engraving, etc. Easy to operate, especially suitable for customized production requirements. There is also the option of a drilling package that can complete the quick vertical drilling process and more.

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  • The multi-axis saw with automatic tool change spindle has comprehensive functions and is suitable for conventional panel furniture production processes, invisible parts processes, modeling engraving, and other process requirements.
  • 9KW high-power spindle 9.0KW high-power air-cooled tool change spindle, suitable for long-term high-speed cutting and blanking of cabinets, as well as engraving and milling of various shapes. The imported sawing and milling motor is suitable for the grooving of Lamino invisible parts.
  • Bed processing and gantry milling processing Thick-walled welded steel heavy-duty gantry and bed. The equipment operates at high speed with low vibration and noise. It operates stably. High-speed cutting is not easy to chip or cut.
  • Innovative base material fixing structure and double-layer vacuum partition adsorption table top ensures that small plate processing does not run out of time.

Edge banding machine:

Introduction: The edge banding machine is a type of woodworking machinery and an important processing process in the furniture production line. Highly automated machinery can replace traditional manual processes and has the advantages of high processing quality and fast processing efficiency.
Mainly used for edge sealing of medium-density fiberboards, wooden boards, solid wood boards, particleboards, polymer door panels and plywood.

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  • Fewer faults. The fully automatic edge banding machine performs furniture edge banding without being affected by human factors, and the machine has very few malfunctions, which greatly improves the efficiency of furniture edge banding.
  • The fully automatic edge banding machine can control the amount of formaldehyde released. Custom furniture panels are used to seal edges and wrap panels to slow the release of formaldehyde.
  • The three-dimensional effect of the board after edge banding by the fully automatic edge banding machine is improved, and the edge banding appearance is fuller. Whether it is aesthetics or stability and safety, edge sealing is a crucial step.
  • Automatic control: The edge banding machine comes with its controller, which can perform automated operations, effectively reducing labor costs.

Saw blade side drilling machine:

Introduction: CNC side drilling is an economical and practical horizontal hole drilling equipment for panel furniture. Dual servo drive, high precision and fast speed.

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  • Side drilling does not require repeated adjustment of the ruler, which greatly improves drilling efficiency. The side-hole machine consists of a positioning shaft and a tapping shaft.
  • Greatly saves labor costs. Suitable for various types of panel furniture processing factories.
    The perfect combination of dedicated intelligent furniture design and production software truly realizes intelligent production. High precision and fast speed.
  • Each main motion guide rail uses imported linear guide rails, which have low resistance and high precision.
  • High-precision rack, the tooth surface is hardened by high frequency. Long-lasting and durable, never deformed.

Precision saw:

Introduction: Woodworking machinery precision sliding table saw is a high-precision woodworking machinery equipment. Its advantage is that it can provide high-precision cutting and processing. It can accurately cut various types of wood.

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  • Precision saws can provide efficient processing and complete a large number of processing tasks in a short time, which allows them to meet a large number of woodworking processing needs and greatly improve the efficiency of woodworking processing.
  • Precision sliding table saws can effectively reduce energy consumption, which can reduce production costs, while also protecting the environment and reducing environmental pollution.
  • The woodworking machinery precision sliding table saw has the advantage of high reliability. It has a compact structure, simple installation, high reliability, and long service life. It can provide longer reliability and longer service life and can meet the needs of customers.

Curved and straight edge banding machine:

Introduction: The curved edge banding machine is suitable for curved edge banding in furniture production, such as circular, arc, or polygonal furniture. It uses special bending wood and glue to bend thin wooden strips into the desired shape and secure them to the surface of the board. The advantage of curvature is that it can seal any shape of the surface and is economical.

W1 Folding Arm Wood Edge Bander Machine 1


  • High efficiency: The curved edge banding machine can greatly improve production efficiency and effectively reduce the time and cost caused by manual operations.
  • High precision: This machine is extremely precise and can perform precise edge sealing at different angles and curves to ensure product quality and aesthetics.
  • Cost saving: The curved edge banding machine can not only significantly reduce labor costs during the production process, but also save the use of edge banding materials and reduce production costs.
  • High production efficiency: This machine can automatically complete the automatic edge sealing of the board in a short period of time. The entire production process is fast and efficient, saving time and effort.

Double-head hinge drill machine:

Introduction: The double-head hinge drill is a multi-functional tool suitable for drilling in metal, wood, plastic, and other materials. Both ends of it can perform drilling operations, and different drill bits can be freely converted. Therefore, it can meet different drilling needs and is both convenient and practical.

Double Head Hinge Drill Machine 1


  • The operation is simple and convenient. The double-head drill is small in size and light in weight, making the operation very simple and convenient. The double-head drill adopts a hand-held design, making the operation more flexible and comfortable.
  • With increased efficiency, the double-ended hinge drill serves as a multi-purpose tool, reducing the frequency of tool changes. When one drill bit encounters a material that is difficult to drill through, it can be quickly switched to another drill bit for work, improving production efficiency. In addition, due to its high accuracy, it can accurately complete drilling work, reduce error rates, and effectively improve work efficiency.
  • The operation is precise, and the size and length of the double-head drill can also be flexibly adjusted. Fine drilling operations can be performed as needed, and the size can be controlled more accurately. The double-head drill is designed with a micro-adjustment knob to control the drilling depth and angle to ensure more precise work.
  • With long service life, the double-headed drill is made of high-strength alloy, which is corrosion-resistant and not easy to deform. Therefore, the service life is relatively long. In addition, its repair and maintenance are also very simple. You only need to do a good job of maintenance to extend its service life.

Metal strip cutting machine:

Introduction: The metal strip cutting machine is mainly designed for new Chinese door panel inlays, which improves production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, the metal slitting machine can also reduce manual operations, reducing labor intensity and production costs.

Metal T-shaped strip cutting machine 1


  • The cutting is accurate and the cutting efficiency is high.
  • Save time, labor, and costs.
  • The equipment has a long life and can be used for a long time.
  • The high degree of automation, saves manpower.


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The non-hole process cabinet processing is composed of multiple mechanical equipment. It can meet the flexible and multifunctional processing needs of whole-house custom manufacturers, and is equipped with automated equipment for more efficient processing. This greatly facilitates the diversified processing of furniture.