Top CNC Drilling Machine Wood Six Side Drilling Machine

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  • Vertical spindle unit:10(X axis)+7(Y axis)
  • Horizontal spindle:8(X axis)+2(Y axis)
  • Milling Motor power:2.2kw+1.9kw

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This is our latest six-sided CNC drilling machine wood. It can automatically control board feeding and positioning, improve drilling accuracy, and effectively prevent edge banding from being scratched.


  • When drilling holes with a CNC drilling machine wood, it can drill holes on the front, back, and four sides at one time without manual turning, saving time.
  • The processed products are more stable, the equipment produces smaller errors, the processing accuracy is more accurate, and the effect is more stable.
  • The six-sided CNC drilling machine wood system can be connected with other equipment , achieve automated and intelligent production and processing, and achieve efficient production of customized panel furniture.
  • The work surface is filled with pneumatic floating beads, making it easy to move the board on the table without scratching the board.


Model  ET6
Vertical spindle unit 10(X axis)+7(Y axis)
Horizontal spindle 8(X axis)+2(Y axis)
Milling Motor power 2.2kw+1.9kw
Min.width of work-piece 40 mm
Max.width of work-piece 1200 mm
Min.length of work-piece 150 mm
Max.length of work-piece 2400 mm
Max.thickness of work-piece 40 mm
Min.thickness of work-piece 10 mm
X-axis 110 m/min
Y-axis 70 m/min
Z axis 30 m/min
U axis 110 m/min
V axis 70 m/min
W axis 30 m/min
A axis 50 m/min
Working table height 950 mm
Total power 15kw
Weight 3800 kg
Operation area size 4850*2703*1850 mm
Overall dimensions 4850*2703*1850 mm

PS:All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.


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Application & Sample

The CNC drilling machine wood automates the feeding and positioning of the processing location. The vertical and horizontal spindles can process six sides at once, and the intelligent production efficiency is high. It is very popular in the cabinet and panel furniture industry.