Nested Based CNC Router Efficient Furniture Production Line Intelligent Labeling Solution

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  • Automatically nest cells
  • Labeling system
  • Furniture production

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It is not only a nested based CNC router, but also an automatic nesting unit, intelligent nesting equipment that integrates labeling, nesting cnc, and various auxiliary equipment. It consumes less manpower and has high output.

This automated production line can improve plate utilization. Whether you are producing in large quantities or small batches, this equipment is suitable for use. It is very convenient to use. We can also customize your production plan for you.


  • Easy to use. The CNC nesting system can set up optimized cutting programs, and just copy the program to the system, so ordinary workers can operate it.
  • Large cutting capacity. It supports importing production file data and can process about 240 panels within 8 hours.
  • Efficient. The CNC nesting system can run continuously, reducing standby time and improving efficiency.
  • Smart system. It can effectively reduce production or boring damage problems caused by humans.


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Application & Sample

Nested based CNC router nesting unit equipment can be used for the processing of various wood products, such as furniture, doors and windows, stairs, wood carvings, etc. By using this equipment, wood can be quickly processed into the required shape and size, improving production efficiency and reducing costs.