Multifunctional Linear ATC CNC Router With Drilling and 12 Disc Magazines

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  • Brand : Blue Elephant
  • Model :ELECNC-1632 ATC
  • Table Size:1560x3200x400mm

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After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


  • The linear ATC CNC Router With Drilling.
  • Automatic oil lubrication system.
  • New thicker, larger heavy-duty 8 mm, more stable.


  • Linear ATC with 7 tools + Circular ATC with 12 regular tools.
  • Using BHZ24. row drill, multiple types of drilling and cutting can be completed at one time.
  • Equipped with external air conditioner, good heat dissipation, and high safety performance.


Serial Number S20191221Z
Model ELECNC-1632 ATC
Working area 1560x3200x400mm
Spindle ATC 9.0KW Italy original HSD spindle, 6000-24000RPM
Inverter Taiwan Delta B Model 11.0KW
Tool magazine This machine comes with a linear ATC with 7 tools + a circular ATC with 12 ordinary tools, which is highly efficient.
Control system Taiwan SYNTEC21MA control system with MPG handle wheel
Motor and driver Japan YASKAWA 1.3KW servo motor and drivers with Japan Shimpo reducer
Frame New type thicker and bigger heavy duty 8 mm
Working Table Vacuum table
Transmission This machine is equipped with X, Y spiral gear rack pinion and Z axis with 2510 TBI ball screw.
Lubrication system Automatic oil lubrication system
Voltage 380V, 3Phase, 50HZ
C axis Italy HSD C axis with Japan Yaskawa 400w Servo motors
Boring Head Italy HSD BHZ24 Boring Head
Tool sensor Automatic tool sensor system
Software Compatibility ARTCAM Software


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Application & Sample

The multifunctional ATC drilling and engraving machine and aggregate can process solid wood door buckles, paint-free doors, paint-free cabinet doors, furniture, panel bathroom cabinets, etc. As well as speakers, game cabinets, computer desks, sewing machines, and musical instruments. And carbon mixtures such as insulators, plasticized workpieces, automobile inner bodies, bowling tracks, stairs, anti-folding boards, epoxy resin, ABS, PP and other carbon mixtures. There are also engraving and milling of soft metal sheets such as acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, organic glass, plastic and copper and aluminum.