Highly Accurate 5 Axis Wood CNC Machine

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  • SYNTEC numerical control system
  • 2500mm*1300mm*900mm
  • YASKAVA Servo Motor

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This 5 axis wood CNC machine adopts a new control system and top accessories, with diverse control functions. The 5 axis wood CNC machine is equipped with 5-8 axes that can be linked. The machine operates quickly and with high precision. The idling and cutting speed of the 5 axis wood CNC machine can be controlled by oneself to ensure the quality of the finished workpiece.


  • Japanese THK guide rails and German original swing arm components have higher processing accuracy and faster processing speed.
  • The z-axis can be increased to 2.1 meters, providing a larger operating space and suitable for processing large three-dimensional curved surfaces.
  • Intelligent processing cross-border protection device reduces collision and wear and improves machine usage time.
  • The processing speed is controllable, making the processing more flexible and able to produce more diverse workpieces.


Popular model ELECNC-1325 / 1530 / 2030 / 3050
Working voltage 380V~450V 3PH 50HZ/60HZ, According to your power
Table format (X,Y) 1300*2500mm / 1500*3000mm;
2000*3000mm / 3000x5000mm;
Z axis travel 1100mm
Machine structure Heavy-duty body + heat treated
Work table Aluminum T-slot & vacuum work table
Transmission X, Y axis: Helical Rack and Pinion
Z axis: High precision ball screw
Traveling speed 80m/min
Working speed 0-25m/min
Command language G Code / M Code

Other details:

Control system Syntec 610MA-E5
Tool magazine Carousel type
Spindle type DMASS spindle
Drilling bank 5+4 vertical drills
Tool holder Collet HSK tool holder
Driving moter Servo motor
Reducer Japan SHIMPO reducer
Positioning cylinder 5 pieces (X2,Y3)
Linear guide #35 Linear guide with dustproof
Lubrication system Semi-auto
Tool calibration Automatic
Cables Germany brand

Related brand / brand-location:

Parts Details
Spindle Germany DMASS
Drilling bank China Taiwan / Italy
Control system Syntec
Driving system Japan YASKAWA
Reducer Japan SHIMPO
Linear guide China Taiwan
Transmission China Taiwan / Germany
Cables Germany Igus
Tool holder HSK


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Application & Sample

The 5 axis wood CNC machine uses a rotary tool magazine to flexibly process at any angle, meeting the processing requirements of different objects. The heavy-duty machine body made by heat treatment can carry large materials. 5 axis wood CNC machine is widely used in mold manufacturing, furniture industry, advertising industry, decorative art processing, etc.