High Power 650W CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine For Sale

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  • Brand : Blue Elephant
  • Model :ELECNC1331
  • Table Size:1300mm*3100mm

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After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


The co2 laser engraving cutting machine is a machine with a power of up to 650W and fast processing efficiency. It can cut acrylic boards, PVC, wood, MDF and other non-metallic materials. If you want to know which material to process, you can contact us and our laboratory will give you the answer you want.


  • High power, using 650w CO2 laser to improve work efficiency.
  • It has high security and is equipped with fire protection devices and smoke exhaust devices.
  • Supports graphics formats such as PLT, DXF, AI, BMP, RLD.
  • It has a wide range of application industries, such as handicraft products, architectural models, decoration, clothing, textiles, and leather.


Model ELECNC1331
Processing area 1300mm*3100mm
Color Blue and White
Control System RUIDA6445G
Laser power 650w CO2 laser
Laser type Sealed CO2 glass laser tube
Cutting speed 0-600mm/s
Cutting thickness For example, it can cut acrylic of 0-25mm thickness, the cutting thickness for other materials is determined by the material itself.
Position system Red dot
Support graphic format PLT、DXF、AI、BMP、RLD
Motor & drive Servo motor and drive
Working voltage 220V, 60Hz, 1Phase
Working table Honeycomb working table
Packing Wooden box
Application Cut (acrylic, plexiglass, wood, MDF, textile)
Operating temperature 0-45℃
Operating humidity 5-95%
Cooling system CW6200 water cooler


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Application & Sample

This CO2 laser cutting machine is suitable for industries with high laser power. It can cut and engrave non-metal materials such as acrylic, two-color board, wood board, etc. It is widely used in the advertising industry, woodworking industry, furniture manufacturing, etc.