High-End CNC Granite Bridge Saw Line for Marble

  • 22kw water cooling spindle, 4000rpm
  • X, Y, and Z:3400*2000*250mm
    C axis:±365°
    A axis:0-90°
  • Motor cutCam servo

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Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


This CNC granite bridge saw is a new high-end fully automatic stone cutting production line, specially used to cut and process stones of various irregular shapes and sizes. 5 axis bridge saw integrates different edge cutting, profiling, edge grinding and polishing. The fully automatic stone loading machine, five-axis bridge saw machine and automatic stone unloading machine work together to form a fully automated and simple production line. Improved processing efficiency.


  • Using 22kw air-cooled spindle, high-power motor and advanced control system, it has high operating efficiency and the maximum processing thickness is 80mm.
  • Both the loading and unloading machine and the five-axis bridge sawing machine can be tilted 0-90°, making processing more flexible and convenient, and can cut stones of different shapes.
  • The entire production line is highly automated, which greatly saves manpower and improves processing accuracy and efficiency.
  • The 5-axis bridge saw can achieve high-precision and high-efficiency processing, and is suitable for stone processing in high-end gardens, buildings, etc.


QX3400-5X-SP Marble Stone Cutting Production Line
Bridge Saw Working travel X, Y, and Z 3400*2000*250mm
C axis ±365°
A axis 0-90°
Maximum thickness 80mm
Moving speed 25m/min
Spindle 22kw water cooling spindle, 4000rpm
Control system CutCam
Motor CutCam servo
Reducer Japan SHIMPO
Worktable (optional) Max. weight for feeding 1500kg
Max. speed for feeding 10m/min
Saw Dimension 450mm
Size 18000×3500×3600mm


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Application & Sample

As an intelligent production and processing line, the CNC granite bridge saw can automatically load and unload materials and automatically cut, which greatly frees up your hands. The 5 axis bridge saw stone cutting line can be widely used in large stone processing fields such as garden projects, water features, and large architectural elements.