Five Axis CNC Machining Center with Moving Column Gantry

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  • 1.8kw Japan YASKAWA servo motors
  • 15kw Delta inverter
  • T-slot & Vacuum working table

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The five axis CNC machining center has a movable column and gantry, paired with a large-size worktable, which is convenient for flexible processing of large heavy workpieces. The turntable-type tool change device makes the machine processing more accurate, mainly used for processing foam and wood.


  • The dynamic column is paired with a fixed worktable, which is convenient for processing various surfaces of complex workpieces and ensures processing accuracy.
  • The 5-axis CNC machining center uses a 5-axis cutting head, and all operations can be completed with only one clamping.
  • Equipped with a water cooler, it can cool the main spindle head in time, extending its service life.
  • It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various industries such as aviation, automobile and furniture manufacturing, decoration, advertising, etc.


EW3 Moving Column Gantry 5 Axis CNC Machine
X, Y, Z axis travel X axis:1300-2000mm
Y axis:2000-6000mm
Z axis:300-600mm
Spindle HITECO 10KW/Changchuan 14KW
5 axis cutting head HITECO/LX500
Tool magazine Carousel tool changer with 8pcs HSK F63
Inverter 15kw Delta inverter
Control system SYNTEC 610-E5 5 axis control system with RTCP functions
Driving system X axis 1.3kw; Y axis 1.3kw*2; Z axis 1.8kw Japan YASKAWA servo motors
Work table T-slot & Vacuum working table
Linear guide X, Y axis: Taiwan 35#
Z axis: Taiwan 30#
Reducer Japan SHIMPO *3
Water cooling system Water cooler
Cables Germany Igus cables with CE, cUL certificate


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Application & Sample

The five-axis CNC is characterized by high-precision processing, and it is convenient for processing large workpieces. The movable gantry and two side columns, coupled with a five-axis control system and cutting head and other complete devices, provide more possibilities for processing complex workpieces. It is suitable for complex and refined processing in aerospace, marine, and high-precision equipment.