EPS CNC Router for Large Workpieces

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  • HSD ATC air cooling spindle
  • Japan YASKAWA motor and drive
  • Syntec control system
  • Linear type auto tool changer 8pcs

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EPS CNC router is supported by a linear automatic tool changer, making the overall processing efficiency higher. EPS CNC router adopts advanced parts and control systems, which makes processing more worry-free and labor-saving. The quality of engraving workpieces is more guaranteed and its service life is longer. The size of the machine can also be selected flexibly, making it suitable for large-capacity users.


  • The linear tool change configuration is equipped with 8 knives. Automatic tool change saves manual tool changing time and avoids downtime for reprocessing.
  • The HSD air-cooled spindle is equipped with a new generation control system, the machine runs faster and more efficiently, and can be used for processing a large number of large workpieces.
  • Equipped with T-slot workbench and PVC protection, it can better fix the material, prevent the material from moving, and ensure the processing accuracy and quality.
  • A variety of compatible software is installed with strong compatibility and can be used to process molds, engravings, architectural decorations, etc.


Items Parameters
Model ELECNC 1825  ATC
Working area 1800 * 2500mm
Whole machine size 1800 * 2500* 1100mm
Tool magazine Linear tool magazine
Spindle HSD ATC air cooling spindle
Motor and drive Japan YASKAWA
Control system Syntec control system
Inverter Taiwan Delta
Reducer Japan Shimpo reducer
Table surface Ordinary worktable with PVC protection
Voltage 380v,50hz
Pump German Becker pump
Software Artcam
Lubrication Auto Lubrication system
Transmission German WMH brand Rack and Pinion
Structure Heavy duty body


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Application & Sample

EPS CNC router has a heavy-duty body and large working size, which can be used for engraving and cutting large workpieces. EPS CNC router can process foam, aluminum, copper, non-metal, and wood. EPS CNC router is equipped with automatic tool changer and rotary device, which can process complex and heavy-duty materials and maintain optimal performance for a long time. EPS CNC router can be widely used in engraving wood, cars, ships, aircraft molds, decoration, architectural model engraving, etc.