Classic Version of Cost-Effective Panel Furniture Production Equipment Program

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  • Model : Entry-level Panel furniture production
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Panel furniture production equipment program mainly include cutting, cutting, edge sealing, drilling, corner trimming and other processes, which can be used to produce furniture cabinets, etc.

Four-process nesting CNC machine:

Introduction: The four-process cutting machine can take care of both cabinet and door panels. It has four spindles and supports automatic switching of four knives. It can also realize drilling functions for cabinet processing, and can also process simple door shapes.

Panel furniture production equipment program 2


  • The structure is relatively simple, relatively easy to use, and simple to operate.
  • The failure rate is low. If a single spindle fails, processing and production will not be delayed.
  • The automatic tool setting function allows users to operate the equipment more conveniently and quickly while ensuring equipment accuracy.
  • It can be equipped with an automatic loading and unloading platform, which can automatically load and unload materials, save manpower, and has a secondary dust removal function.

Edge banding machine:

Introduction: The edge banding machine is a special equipment usually used in furniture, flooring, building decoration and other industries. It is mainly used to fix hot melt adhesive or pressure-sensitive tape on the edge of the board to achieve sealing, beautification, moisture-proof and other effects.

Panel furniture production equipment program 3


  • Improve work efficiency: The edge banding machine has a high degree of automation and can quickly perform edge banding operations, greatly improving work efficiency and production capacity.
  • Improve the quality of edge banding: The edge banding machine can accurately control the amount of glue and the pressing force to ensure that the edge strips and boards are firmly bonded, improve the quality of edge banding, and reduce the occurrence of quality problems.
  • Reduce labor intensity: Compared with manual edge banding, the edge banding machine is simple and convenient to operate, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and relieves work pressure.
  • Cost saving: The edge banding machine can reduce the waste of glue and edge strips, and reduce labor costs and labor time, thereby reducing production costs.

Side drilling machine:

Introduction: The CNC side hole machine is an efficient, accurate and intelligent machine and equipment that can meet the needs of drilling holes in pipes and plates, improve production efficiency and quality, and reduce manual operation errors and fatigue.

Panel furniture production equipment program 4


  • High-precision processing: The CNC side hole machine uses CNC technology to accurately control the machine’s motion trajectory and processing depth, enabling high-precision processing, especially in complex curved surfaces and deep hole processing.
  • Strong versatility: The CNC side hole machine has three-dimensional processing capabilities and can complete a variety of woodworking processes such as side holes, engraving, and hollowing out. It is widely used in furniture, doors, windows, decoration and other fields.
  • High degree of automation: The machine has automatic control and automatic identification functions. It can automatically complete processing operations by simply adjusting parameters, greatly improving processing efficiency and saving time and labor costs.
  • Wide range of uses: CNC side hole machine, long material, short material three-in-one hole, wood dowel hole, blind hole, long slot, segmented slot suitable for various applications.

Precision saw:

Introduction: In the field of wood processing, the role of precision saws is very important. It can improve production efficiency, reduce costs and reduce wood waste, while also improving product quality and aesthetics. Therefore, the woodworking precision saw is one of the essential tools in the wood processing industry.

Panel furniture production equipment program 5


  • High cutting accuracy: Woodworking precision saws use high-precision grinding technology to ensure the flatness and verticality of the cutting surface, reducing wood waste and processing time.
  • High cutting efficiency: The woodworking precision saw has a sharp blade and high-speed rotating power, which can cut wood quickly and improve production efficiency.
  • Wide range of applications: Woodworking precision saws can be used to cut wood of various thicknesses and hardnesses, and can also be used to cut artificial boards, composite boards, gypsum boards and other materials.
  • Long service life: The woodworking precision saw uses high-strength materials and a special heat treatment process, which has high blade hardness and durability and can be used for a long time.

Curved and straight edge banding machine:

Introduction: Edge banding is an important process in the manufacturing process of panel furniture. The quality of edge sealing directly affects the quality, price and grade of the product. Through edge sealing, the appearance quality of the furniture can be greatly improved, the edges and corners of the furniture can be prevented from being damaged and the veneer layer lifted or peeled off during transportation and use. At the same time, it can be waterproof, seal the release of harmful gases, and reduce deformation. function, and can also beautify the furniture.

W1 Folding Arm Wood Edge Bander Machine 1


  • The curved line edge banding machine adopts foreign advanced technology and is automatically controlled to ensure that the hot melt glue does not stick or leak, and the glue is applied evenly without wrinkles.
  • The countertop is higher and larger, which is ergonomic and more comfortable to use; the special glue tank insulation design shortens the preheating time and increases the glue pot capacity, eliminating the trouble of frequent glue changes.
  • All configurations are very sophisticated, and the temperature controller can automatically control the temperature according to the sol temperature required for the edge banding and hot melt adhesive.
  • Intelligent single foot switch prevents switching off due to incorrect operation during use.

Single-head hinge drill machine:

Introduction: The single-head boring machine is mainly used for drilling hinges and hinges. The drilling position can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to conveniently and quickly adapt to drilling processing requirements, such as wardrobe door panels, cabinet doors, office furniture door panels, door processing and manufacturing manufacturers, etc.

Single Head Hinge Hole Drilling Machine 1


  • The machine tool hole distance adjustment adopts C-type pneumatic locking, which is flexible, accurate and powerful;
  • The machine tool adopts high-hardness cylindrical guide rails, making it easy and fast to adjust different hole spacing;
  • The machine is equipped with a knife calibration device, which is accurate and can ensure the required drilling depth;
  • It can process the hinge holes of one or two doors at one time, with extremely high production efficiency.

Profiling corner trimming machine:

Introduction: The development of profiling and trimming machines is in line with the current high-speed, high-precision, and intelligent production goals. It is mostly used to trim the corners of cabinet doors to make them smoother.

profiling corner trimming machine 1


  • This ensures the consistency of the dimensions of the workpiece chamfer.
  • The operation is simple, just find a worker to press the button and just refill the material. No need to look for skilled workers anymore.
  • One person can take care of multiple machines, which improves workers’ work efficiency.
  • Greatly reduced production costs.


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Application & Sample

The panel furniture production equipment program consists of seven types of equipment. It can achieve functions such as material cutting, edge sealing, drilling, chamfering, and edge grinding. It is mainly used for processing various furniture and cabinet manufacturing, such as panel furniture, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, etc.