Ultra-Practical Fully Auto Edge Banding Machine with Production Line

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  • Dimension:5600*960*1600mm
  • Total power:10.8kW
  • Thickness of edge band:0.4-3mm

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Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


The biggest feature of this auto edge banding machine, it has a circular production line. It consists of an edge banding machine and a production line platform, auto edge banding machine can greatly save manpower and only requires one worker to complete it.


  • The fully auto edge banding machine has comprehensive functions. It has functions such as gluing, edge sealing, cutting, upper and lower rough and fine trimming, profiling tracking, edge scraping, polishing, and transportation.
  • High operating safety. The auto edge banding machine has an acrylic protective cover, which can prevent workers from being injured, and the protective cover is transparent, so you can observe the situation inside at any time.
  • Save labor costs. Because this equipment contains a production line platform, it only requires one worker, which is very convenient, saving labor costs and improving work efficiency.
  • Production is efficient. The feeding speed of this autoc edge banding machine can reach 16-23m/minute. Its speed is relatively fast and can effectively improve production efficiency.


Total power 10.8kW
Dimension 5600*960*1600mm
Feeding speed 16-23m/min
Thickness of edge band 0.4-3mm
Thickness of wood board 10-60mm
Length of wood board ≥150mm
Width of wood board ≥60mm
Working pressure 0.6Mpa


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Application & Sample

Auto edge banding machine are widely used in furniture manufacturing, decorative material processing, wooden bar industry and other fields. It can help improve the quality and aesthetics of the product and extend its service life. As market demand continues to increase, the uses of edge banding machines are constantly expanding and innovating, bringing more convenience and development opportunities to related industries.