Economical 5 Axis Bridge Saw for Sale

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  • Japan SHIMPO reducer
  • Worktable turning angle:0-80°
  • 11KW saw motor, rated: 3000r/min
  • Bevel cuts:0-90°

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After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


5 axis bridge saw is a newly launched model. It is a good choice for cutting plates of various shapes and sizes. It is used for cutting quartz, marble and other stone materials. The cutting knife method that combines the saw blade and CNC milling cutter can realize straight edge, bevel edge, arc, polygon, edge tracking and other processes. The 5 axis bridge saw has a worktable that can be flipped to 80°, which facilitates flexible processing and loading and unloading of panels.


  • Built-in CAM software and Lanxiang customized stone CNC machine tool special control system can be programmed directly, and the interface is simple and easy to learn and operate.
  • Specialized in cutting, milling, chamfering and edging quartz stone, marble and regular and irregular shaped slabs.
  • The workbench can be tilted 80° to facilitate processing of all sides of the plate, and can cut materials with a maximum thickness of 100mm.
  • It has powerful multi-functional cutting capabilities and is widely used in stone furniture, bathroom, decoration industries, etc.


ES5-3220 5 axis CNC stone bridge saw
Working travel X, Y, and Z To your projects
C axis ±360°
A axis 0-90°
Moving speed Xaxis 30m/min
Yaxis 30m/min
Zaxis 15m/min
Servo motor Xand Y 1300W absolute servo motor
Zaxis 1300W absolute servo motor with brake
A and C 1000W absolute servo motor
Guide rail X, Y, and Z: # 30
Rack X、Y 2MT-WIN
Worktable Structure Square timber
Worktable size To your projects
Turning angle 0-80°
Max. weight for turning 800KG
Saw Dimension 450mm
Max. cutting thickness 100mm
Ball screw Z 3210PREYP
Reducer X/Y: Japan SHIMPO
Saw motor 11KW motor, rated: 3000r/min
Inverter 15KW BRICH
Control system Blue Elephant customized system (built-in CAM software)
Low-voltage electronics French SCHNEIDER
Working air pressure 0.7-0.8Mpa
Voltage To your needs
Bevel cuts 0-90°
Miter cuts Any degree
Curved cuts Yes


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Application & Sample

5 axis bridge saw is a more powerful bridge saw machine, specially used for cutting, milling, chamfering, edging, etc. of stone. It can realize table cutting, cylindrical cutting, irregular special-shaped cutting and other processes. 5 axis bridge saw is suitable for cutting all kinds of stone and is widely used in processing sanitary ware, furniture, decoration and other industries.