Economical 4 Axis Bridge Saw Machine for Stone Cutting

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  • Worktable flip angle:0-85°
  • 15KW Saw blade motor (rated: 2930r/min)
  • X axis、Y axis:2KW HANYU absolute value servo motor
    Z axis:2KW HANYU absolute value servo motor(with brake)
    C axis:1KW HANYU absolute value servo motor

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After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


The 4 axis bridge saw machine is a newly launched high-precision bridge saw machine and is a good choice for economical models. The plate cutting is relatively smooth and suitable for processing high-precision workpieces. The c-axis of the 4 axis bridge saw machine can rotate 45 degrees to facilitate chamfering, grooving and other processing processes. A camera can be installed to make automatic positioning more accurate and faster. Suitable for cutting marble, rock slabs, etc., and widely used in stone processing industries such as kitchen countertops.


  • The bridge saw blade can be tilted 45 degrees, which is convenient for cutting special angles such as bevels and chamfers, and can process various angles and types of stone.
  • The saw blade motor speed reaches 2930r/min, which can quickly cut the plate and improve production efficiency.
  • The worktable can be flipped to 85°, with a load capacity of up to 800KG, making it easier to load and unload large heavy stones.
  • Economical and affordable, saving purchasing costs, widely used in kitchen countertops, floors and other industries.


ES4-3220 4 Axis CNC Bridge Saw
Travel 3 axis 3200*2000*200mm
C axis ±360°
A axis 0/45°
Speed X axis 30mmin
Y axis 30mmin
Z axis 10mmin
Servo motor X axis、Y axis 2KW HANYU absolute value servo motor
Z axis 2KW HANYU absolute value servo motor(with brake)
C axis 1KW HANYU absolute value servo motor
Guide Y axis Taiwan 30#
X axis Taiwan 30#
Z axis Taiwan 30#
Rack X axis、Y axis 2M
Worktable Structure squared timber
Size 3200×2000mm
Flip angle 0-85°
Reverse weight 800KG
Saw blade Size 360mm
Maximum thickness 60mm
Screw Z axis 3210
Reducer X/Y axis SHIMPO reducer
Saw blade motor 15KW Saw blade motor (rated: 2930r/min)
Inverter 18.5KW Fuling inverter
Controller Blue Elephant customized control system(built-in CAM software)
Low-voltage apparatus Schneider
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Voltage 380V/3P/50HZ
Machine size 5.85m×4.5m×3.6m
Machine weight 3.5t


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Application & Sample

The 4 axis bridge saw machine can perform automatic typesetting and positioning, and the air-cooled spindle can perform precise engraving and cutting very well. The 4 axis bridge saw machine can process marble, quartz stone, granite and other stones as well as wood. It is widely used in kitchen and bathroom countertops, building stone cutting, furniture, decorations, etc.