High-Performance Double-Head CNC Hinge Drill Machine

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Total power:1.5kw*2
Motor speed:2880r/min

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Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


The double-head hinge drill machine is a new type of drilling equipment that can drill holes on both sides of a plate at the same time. This design not only improves the drilling efficiency, but also avoids the problems of slow speed and low efficiency of single-head drilling machines.


  • First of all, the double-head hinge drill machine is easy to operate and only requires one button to complete the drilling.
  • Secondly, it also has a variety of hole diameters and hole spacing to choose from, which can meet different drilling needs.
  • In addition, the double-head hinge drill machine is also stable and reliable and can be used for a long time without maintenance.
  • Finally, it not only improves your work efficiency, but also saves you time and energy.


Voltage 380V/220V
Total power 1.5kw*2
Motor speed 2880r/min
Drilling diameter ≤35mm
Drilling depth ≤50mm
Number of spindles 3*2set
Dimensions 1800*800*1550mm



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Application & Sample

The hinge drill machine is a double-head drill that can drill horizontally and vertically, adapting to different drilling processing requirements and meeting high-efficiency drilling. It is controlled by a foot switch, which is convenient, labor-saving, and easy to operate. Equipped with precise scales to ensure the accuracy of processing, it is suitable for the manufacture of furniture such as cabinets and doors.