Highly Intelligent Automated Wooden Door Panel Mold Processing Production Line

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  • Improving production efficiency
  • Saving labor costs
  • Smart Factory Cell

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The wooden door panel mould processing production line is highly automated, intelligent, and flexible, and can adapt to customized production methods to meet consumers’ different needs for products. It includes a labeling machine, automatic loading and unloading nesting machine, roller line, panel turning machine, and screw cutting machine, which can effectively improve production efficiency.


The wide application of wooden door panel mould processing production lines helps promote the modernization and industrial upgrading of the wooden door industry, and also provides consumers with better personalized customized services.

  • Improve panel utilization: The wooden door panel mould processing can achieve accurate measurement and calculation of materials and reduce waste. In addition, the automated production line can also optimize the combination of raw materials to achieve higher plate utilization.
  • Reduce labor costs: The wooden door production line reduces manual operations, thereby reducing labor costs.
  • Shorten the production cycle: The wooden door production line realizes fully automated production through computer program control, thereby improving production efficiency and shortening the production cycle.
  • Improve production stability: The wooden door panel mould processing can ensure the accuracy and quality of product production.During the production process, every detailed operation is recorded by a computer program, ensuring the stability of the production process and quality.

Work flow:

Forklift loading the plates → Auto labeling machine labeling plates → Machine auto grabbing plates and processing hinge hole,straightener slot, glass door back processing → Plates are conveyed to turnover machine for turnover → Auto delivered to separate door machining center → Machine processing and cutting doors → After machining, machine pushing plates to unloading table and loading plates at the same time

Door Panel Mould Processing Connection Line 1

Door Panel Mould Processing Connection Line 1

Material Handling Devices:

(To be applied according to the factory layout and customer requirements)

Door Panel Mould Processing Connection Line 1


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Application & Sample

Door panel mould processing is suitable for the automated processing of both sides of the moulded door panel. It can process both sides automatically, improving processing efficiency and saving labor costs. The automation distributes each processing procedure, reducing human intervention and errors. It can be used for positive and negative moulding, panel processing, and glass door processing.