Cylindrical Plate Turning Machine for Automatic Plate Turning

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  • Workpiece thickness:10-60 mm
  • Max workpiece weight Max:50 kg
  • Working air pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa

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Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


Cylindrical plate turning machine can adapt to the engineering turning requirements of plates of different specifications and provide safe, stable process transportation. It is an effective auxiliary equipment in the panel furniture production line.


  • The cylindrical plate turning machine has the function of rotating the workpiece and can flip it to any angle as required. It is easy to operate, flexible and reliable to use.
  • It has the characteristics of turning the plate without slipping or spinning back.
  • The operator of this equipment can operate away from the flipped workpiece. The workpieces on both sides are clamped and can be lifted and lowered easily.
  • Using this equipment can improve turning efficiency and greatly reduce costs for users.


Model FQ-HFBJ24
Workpiece length 1500-2440 mm
Workpiece width 300-1220 mm
Workpiece thickness 10-60 mm
Max workpiece weight Max.50 kg
Working air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Working voltage 380V/50Hz
Feeding height 820-900 mm


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Application & Sample

The cylindrical plate turning machine can rotate 180 degrees. It is controlled by hydraulics, making its operation smoother and safer. It saves labor and improves production efficiency. It is an auxiliary equipment for the furniture automation production line.