Cost-Effective Automated Five-Axis CNC Stone Saw

  • Bridge saw maximum thickness:80mm
  • moving speed:25m/min
  • Loader control system:CutCam
  • Loader weight:3000kg

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Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


Five-axis CNC stone saw is a highly automated five-axis CNC bridge cutting production line. It is an economical model and a very popular cutting machine. The five-axis bridge cutting CNC consists of a loading machine, a five-axis bridge cutting machine and an unloader. The fully automatic loading machine can automatically transport the stone to the five-axis bridge cutting machine, saving time and effort. The five-axis bridge saw machine can automatically take pictures and position, and cut according to the settings. Intelligent cutting is more accurate. The unloader can automatically unload materials, saving manpower and improving efficiency.


  • Fully automatic control system and integrated production line simplify the production process and achieve high production efficiency.
  • AI automatically sets the knife, positions and cuts according to the settings, saving loading and unloading time and labor costs.
  • The average cutting speed can reach 25m/min, which means the processing speed is fast and the cutting efficiency is higher.
  • The three-body integration operates smoothly, ensuring processing quality and making the workpieces smoother and more precise.
  • The machine has stable performance, reliability and durability, is suitable for processing irregular materials, and has high cost performance.


QX3400-5X-SP Quartz Stone Cutting Production Line
Bridge Saw Working travel X, Y, and Z 3400*2000*250mm
C axis ±365°
A axis 0-90°
Maximum thickness 80mm
Moving speed 25m/min
Spindle 22kw water cooling spindle, 4000rpm
Control system CutCam
Motor CutCam servo
Reducer Japan SHIMPO
Worktable (optional) Max. weight for feeding 1500kg
Max. speed for feeding 10m/min
Saw Dimension 450mm
Size 6000×3500×3600mm
Loader Working travel X, Y, and Z 3500*4000*1000mm
A axis 0-90°
Control system CutCam
Motor CutCam servo
Reducer Japan SHIMPO
Moving speed 25m/min
Max suction size 3200×1200mm
Min suction size 300×150mm
Power 8kw
Weight 3000kg
Machine size 5000×5800×3800mm


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Application & Sample

The five-axis CNC stone saw uses an air-cooled spindle with a servo motor. The whole machine has fast processing speed and efficiency, and is convenient and flexible for processing various special-shaped plates. Five-axis bridge cutting CNC can be used in landscape design, architectural element processing, floor and wall tile cutting and other fields.