ELECNC-420 Computerized Panel Saw High Automation Woodworking Beam Saw

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With the highest quality systems and accessories

  • Main saw blade revolving speed :4800rpm
  • Cutting length:4200mm
  • Converter:Invt

Payment Terms : T/T/Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover cards

After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


ELECNC-420 high-precision computerized automatic panel saw uses advanced internationally famous brand electrical appliances and key components. It has very good processing quality and processing speed.

This computerized panel saw can minimize the waste of panels and is an ideal solution for companies that need to process medium-sized batches.


  • High security. ELECNC420 computer panel saw has an automatic fault detection function and automatic shutdown alarm device.
  • Full-featured. It has practical functions, such as remaining material management and order splitting, as well as advanced functions such as remote control.
  • High compatibility. This panel saw is not only easy to use but also compatible with various types of software to improve processing quality.
  • Excellent service. We can provide you with complete processing solutions to meet customers with different needs.


Model ELECNC-420
Overall dimension 7300x6530x1900mm
Cutting length 4200mm
Cutting thickness 100mm
Main saw blade diameter 360mm
Main saw blade revolving speed 4800rpm
Groove saw blade diameter 180mm
Groove saw blade revolving speed 6900rpm
Forward speed of carriage 100m/min
Backward speed of carriage 150m/min
Main saw motor 16.5KW
Groove saw motor 2.2KW
Auto feeding motor 1.8KW (AC, servo)
High-press ventilating motor 4KW
Total power 26.5kW
Auto feeding speed 100m/min
Air pressure 5-7kg/cm²
Platform height 950mm
Control switch Schneider
PLC Delta
Converter Invt
Screen Jikowi
Contactor Schneider
Pneumatic elements Hengtong
Solenoid valve AirTac
Motor Igarashi
Servo control system Invt
Linear guide rail SLM

PS: Both the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.


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Application & Sample

The computer panel saw has high reciprocating cutting efficiency, and no manual operation is required after loading the material, just unloading the material. It is used in various industries such as packaging industry, building materials industry, organic material cutting, paper product processing, etc. It can be said to be a powerful tool to save labor and improve efficiency.