CNC Wood Polishing Machine Cabinet Door Sander

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  • Maximum processing width:<1000mm
  • Maximum processing length:>400mm
  • Maximum processing thickness:2-100mm

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After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


CNC wood polishing machine is one of the necessary equipment for thickness adjustment, fine sanding and polishing of boards. It has high precision, easy operation and safety. Usually used for polishing and sanding cabinet doors, cabinet doors, and laminates.


  • High efficiency and high quality: The CNC wood polishing machine adopts an advanced CNC system, which can realize automated control and precise polishing operations, greatly improving work efficiency and polishing quality.
  • High safety: The CNC polishing machine also has a variety of safety protection measures, such as overload protection, power-off protection, etc., to ensure the safety of operators.
  • Saving manpower: It can be perfectly linked with automated production lines to form various automated production lines, saving labor costs.


Maximum processing width <1000mm
Maximum processing length >400mm
Maximum processing thickness 2-100mm
Power 9.77kw
Net size 3100*1750*1850mm
Weight 1500kg



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Application & Sample

The CNC wood polishing machine adopts an advanced control system for automated and precise polishing. It can adjust the frequency to adapt to different polishing needs. It can be used for materials such as solid wood, density board, and iron sheet, realizing rough grinding and primer polishing. It is used for furniture making, cabinets, doors and windows, and irregular shape polishing.