The Latest Wooden Door CNC Drilling Machine Four-Axis Side Hole Drilling Machine

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  • Control system:Lorenchi dual scanning system
  • Laser sensor:American Banner laser head
  • Rails:#20 square rails

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Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


This woodworking CNC drilling machine can achieve a handleless design, making the finished product more concise and beautiful. Different processes such as slotting and drilling can be completed using four axes.


  • This CNC drilling machine is very convenient to process, can process plates of different sizes, and is relatively simple to maintain.
  • It uses four spindles, which can carry out different processes and is more efficient to use.
  • The CNC drilling machine adopts Lanxiang customized system, which makes the system more stable.


Working size 3600*1300*1450mm
Left and right X-axis working stroke 0-2800mm
Front and rear Y-axis working stroke 0-50mm
Up and down Z axis working stroke 0-50mm
Spindle motor speed 18000RP m/min
Spindle motor power T1/T2 spindle 2.2KW, T3/T4 spindle 3.5KW
Spindle motor brand SCS/Huajiang/Changsheng/Oakmond
Control system Lorenchi dual scanning system
Laser sensor American Banner laser head
Rails #20 square rails
Reducer Taiwan Planet
Inverter Best 4KW
Software Blue Elephant Custom System
Working voltage 220v, 3ph, 60hz


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Application & Sample

The CNC drilling can achieve handle-free design and hidden parts process for doors and cabinets, making the furniture more simple and beautiful. It can drill various handle holes such as arc-shaped handles and single-angle handles. The movable crossbeam and positioning baffle facilitate more precise processing of furniture such as cabinets and doors.