CNC Drilling Machine Cell Plate Drilling and Grooving Production Line

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The CNC drilling machine cell consists of multiple six-sided drilling machines, which can complete the drilling and grooving of plates, etc., and are mostly used after edge sealing. It adopts a computer control system, to realize automatic operation through pre-written programs, which are efficient, precise, and flexible.


After edge banding, plates enter into a six-sided drilling machine → After drilling, plates are outputted under “front in, front out” or “front in, back out” mode → Plates enter into cache bin for sorting and packaging

  • First of all, the high efficiency of the CNC drilling machine cell is one of its most significant advantages. The drilling machine can process at higher speeds and with more stable quality.
  • Secondly, the CNC drilling cell offers excellent machining accuracy. Thanks to the computer control system, the drilling machine is able to achieve very fine motion control, allowing for high-precision machining.
  • In addition, it offers great flexibility. By changing the machining program and workpiece holding method, the drilling machine can adapt to the processing needs of workpieces of different shapes and sizes.
  • It can also be linked with other CNC equipment to realize the construction of automated production lines and further improve overall production efficiency.

Equipment List:

Device name Unit Quantity Employees
Translation power convey gear Set Depends on the actual connection line 1
Translation belt conveyor Set
High-speed camera Set
Six-side drilling machine Set
Power convey roller Set


Detailed Images:

CNC Drilling Machine Cell 1

CNC Drilling Machine Cell 1

Intelligent factory furniture production line solution 4


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Application & Sample

The CNC drilling machine cell is mainly used for punching and slotting processes after the edge sealing of furniture production is completed. It is highly efficient and precise, suitable for customized furniture, and can be produced in batches.