Cheapest Price EPS Foam CNC Machine for Sale

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  • E-type 7.5kw Taiwan Delta Inverter
  • Italy HSD spindle 7kw
  • Helical rack gear , 4pcs HIWIN #30 Linear guide
  • DSP A11 3 axis control system

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After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


EPS foam CNC machine is used to engrave various non-metallic materials and is suitable for processing wood molds, foam molds, food molds, etc. for automobiles, airplanes, aviation, ships, etc. EPS foam CNC machine has a unique pressure roller design to better fix the processing materials. EPS foam CNC machine adopts advanced technical devices and split bed structure, making the whole machine efficient and durable.


  • The 7kw air-cooled spindle and 3-axis control system provide guarantee for smooth and fast processing.
  • The E-type frequency converter and the spindle that can swing 180 degrees can automatically and flexibly adjust the processing frequency, making it more convenient for detailed and detailed processing.
  • The z-axis height and working dimensions of the whole machine can be customized for higher applicability.
  • It has 4 cylinders, the specific working voltage can be freely selected, the exhaust performance is good, and it can work continuously.


Model ELECNC1325 EPS
X,Y axis travel 1300*2500mm, option: 1500*3000mm; 2100*3000mm; 2100*4000mm, etc
Z axis travel 500mm, option: 600mm, 700mm, 1000mm, etc
Spindle type 6kw HSD Italy air cooling spindle
Inverter type 7.5kw Delta inverter
Control system DSP A11 controller
Driving system 850W leadshine servo motor and driver
Reducer Japan Shimpo reducer
Machine structure Heavy duty body with quenching treatment
Work table Slot & aluminum work table
Positioning cylinder 4 pcs cylinder
Linear guide Taiwan linear guide
Transmission X,Y axis: Taiwan Helical Rack and Pinion
Z axis: Taiwan TBI high precision ball screw
Lubrication system automatic lubrication system
Tool calibration Manualtool sensor calibration
Cables Germany Igus cables with CE, cUL certificate
Compatible software Artcam / Aspire, etc
Command language G Code & M Code
Traveling speed 60m/min
Working speed 0-20m/min
Re-positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
System resolution ±0.0025mm
Working accuracy ±0.03mm
Working voltage 220V 1PH/3PH 50HZ/60HZ
380V 3PH 50HZ/ 60HZ


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Application & Sample

The EPS foam CNC machine adopts a split bed design, which is convenient for flexible and efficient processing. The pressure wheel is designed to fix the material, prevent the material from shifting, and ensure the accuracy and quality of material processing. The EPS foam CNC machine has 4 cylinders, which can exhaust air well and last for a long time. EPS foam CNC machine is suitable for processing various stone materials, non-metallic materials, automobiles, aircraft wood molds, food molds, foam molds, etc.