Cheap Price Three Heads 1530 CNC Engraving Machinery for Wooden Furniture With DSP Control System

  • Brand : Blue Elephant
  • Model :ELECNC-1530-3S
  • Table Size:1500*3000*200mm

Payment Terms : T/T/Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover cards

After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


  • Low price three heads 1530 CNC.
  • You can get started in one hour with zero basic training.
  • The CNC Engraving Machinery can be used as plywood door furniture.
  • T-slot table with vacuum table.


  • It has three spindles and can work independently to improve work efficiency.
  • Equipped with two sets of HSD air-cooled spindles and one set of Changsheng spindles.
  • All specifications can be customized according to your actual situation.


Description Parameter
Model ELECNC-1530-3S
X,Y,Z Working Area 1500*3000*200mm
Control system DSPA15 control system
Working Voltage 380V 3phase, 50Hz(Option)
Spindle 3kw Italy HSD Air Cooling Spindle*23.5kw Changsheng double head, Horizontal installed
Inverter 3.7kw DELTA inverter
Motor and driver This machine uses a 750W Leadshine servo motor and driver.
Table Surface T-slot & vacuum working Table
Table structure This machine uses a heavy-duty welded frame and gantry.
X, Y, Z Transmission Helical rack on X,Y axis and Taiwan TBI ball screw on Z axis
X,Y, Z Rail ABBA/PMI 25# linear guide
Lubrication system Automatic lubrication system
Dust Collector Classic type double bags dust collector 3.0kw
Wire It uses a high-flex Shjeld with copper wire, which has the advantage of preventing static electricity and offers high safety.


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Application & Sample

This machine is equipped with three independent spindles, which can work independently. The applicable materials include wood, leather, stone, plastic, PVC, soft metals, etc. It can be used in the furniture manufacturing industry, advertising industry, and mold industry.