E-60J Automatic Machine Edge Banding Can Complete Pre-milling Rough and Fine Finishing Functions

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  • Total power:15.5kW
  • Feed speed:15-23m/min
  • Electric lifting:0.37kW

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After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


This fully automatic machine edge banding can complete functions such as pre-milling, gluing, edge banding, welting, six-wheel lamination, end cutting, rough trimming, fine trimming, edge scraping, and polishing. It is used in solid wood furniture manufacturing industries such as panel furniture and customized furniture.


  • Easy to operate. The machine edge banding uses the best touch screen, which is easy to operate and responds quickly without delay.
  • Pre-milling function. The pre-milling function removes corrugation marks and burrs from the edges. It is the edge banding that sticks perfectly to the edge.
  • The edge is firmly sealed. This machine edge banding uses six rounds of pressing to make the edge banding strips stick more firmly.
  • The edges are beautiful. It has rough trimming and fine trimming functions, which can make the edge banding strip smoother, smoother and more beautiful.


Model E-60J
Overall size 5520x970x1800mm
Total power 15.5kW
Feed speed 15-23m/min
Electric lifting 0.37kW
Panel Thickness 10-60mm
Panel length ≥120mm
Panel width ≥60mm
Edge band thickness 0.4-3mm
Working pressure 0.6Mpa


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Application & Sample

The pre-milling and machine edge banding is one of the common equipment in furniture production and is widely used in edge pre-processing and trimming of various panels. In practical applications, pre-milling edge banding machines can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. At the same time, they can also improve product quality and effects, creating more value and profits for furniture manufacturing companies.