Fully Enclosed Automatic Edge Bander Machine with Safety Cover

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  • Machine Size:4780x970x1800mm
  • Inverter:Yatai
  • Temperature control table:Korea Autonics

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Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


This automatic edge bander machine is widely used in the furniture production industry. It can be customized to meet your different needs. This machine is also very easy to use, with fine edge sealing, good hand feel, and smooth sealing lines.


  • The automatic edge bander machine uses UFC high-speed motor with a maximum power of 10kw, which can effectively improve the processing accuracy of the machine.
  •  It has a closed safety guard and an imported travel switch to ensure the safety of workers.
  • Automatic edge bander machine can process medium-density fiberboard, blockboard, plywood and other materials, and can perform functions such as glue coating, edge sealing, rough and fine trimming, scraping and polishing at one time.
  • You don’t have to worry about the subsequent maintenance of the machine. The subsequent maintenance of this equipment is very simple and convenient. We also have dedicated online and offline guidance.


Model E-60
Machine Size 4780x970x1800mm
Inverter Yatai
Low voltage electrical appliance Korea LS Power Generation
Temperature control table Korea Autonics
Travel switch South Korea Kaikun
Cylinder WSN
Gas source parts Billion days
Gear reducer Taiwan Shan State
High speed motor UFC
Rail Gao Xin Kate
Feed rate 15-23m/min
Sheet thickness 10-60mm
Edge band thickness 0.4-3mm
Sheet width ≥60mm
Working pressure 0.6Mpa
Total power 10kw

PS: Both the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.


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Application & Sample

The automatic edge bander machine is a kind of machine equipment widely used in furniture, wooden doors, panels and other industries. It is mainly used for edge banding processing of wood boards, MDF boards, solid wood boards and other materials. Its basic working principle is to heat the edge banding materials and use The pressure is applied to the surface of the substrate to bond it to the substrate.