Automated and Worry-Free Stone CNC Machine

  • X,Y axis travel:3000*1500mm, option: 1300*2500mm; 2100*3000mm; 2100*4000mm, etc
    Z axis travel:500mm, option: 400mm, etc
  • Kenturn 7.5kw water cooling ATC spindle
  • 12pcs tool magazines
  • Syntec 60WE

Payment Terms : T/T/Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover cards

After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


This is a highly automated quartz stone CNC machine. Stone CNC machine processes marble, quartz stone and other materials, and can achieve functions such as edge grinding, polishing, drilling, and milling. It is used to make kitchen sinks, bathroom countertops, stone countertops, etc. Equipped with 12 tool magazines, it can also be customized for more. Automated processing is easy to operate and production efficiency is higher.


  • One-click intelligent operation is simple and convenient, saving labor costs.
  • The water-cooled spindle is equipped with a 16-tool magazine, which has high power and faster tool changes, and fully automatic loading and unloading is more efficient.
  • There is a suction cup on the work surface, which is connected to the vacuum pump to better fix the material and achieve high-precision processing.
  • The z-axis can reach 500mm, and the automatic lubrication system device makes the processing smoother and ensures the processing quality of the workpiece.


Model ELECNC3015
X,Y axis travel 3000*1500mm, option: 1300*2500mm; 2100*3000mm; 2100*4000mm, etc
Z axis travel 500mm, option: 400mm, etc
Spindle type Kenturn 7.5kw water cooling ATC spindle
Inverter type 7.5kw inverter
Tool magazine 12pcs tool magazines
Tool holder with collet 12pcs BT40
Control system Syntec 60WE
Driving system 1KW YASKAWA servo driver and motor
Reducer Japan Shimpo reducer
Machine structure Heavy duty body with quenching treatment
Work table Stone special working table
Linear guide TaiwanLinear guide
Transmission X,Y axis: Taiwan Helical Rack and Pinion
Z axis:Taiwan TBI high precision ball screw
Lubrication system automatic lubrication system
Tool calibration Autotool sensor calibration
Cables Germany Igus cables with CE, cUL certificate
Compatible software Artcam / Aspire, etc
Command language G Code & M Code
Traveling speed 60m/min
Working speed 0-30m/min
Re-positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
System resolution ±0.0025mm
Working accuracy ±0.03mm
Working air pressure More than 0.6mpa
Working voltage 380V 3PH 50HZ/ 60HZ

Optional Items

Working area 3000*1500*300mm
Spindle KENTURN spindle
Inverter Taiwan Fuling inverter
Tool magazine 12 linear tool changer with 12 BT 30 tool holder
Motor and driver Leadshine servo motor and driver
Reducer Japan Shimpo reducer
Tool sensor Automatic tool sensor
Limit switch OMRON limit switch


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Application & Sample

The stone CNC machine realizes highly automated settings, processes quartz stone, marble and other stone materials, and has multiple functions such as edge grinding, polishing, and milling. Stone CNC machine is suitable for stone countertop processing, kitchen sinks, bathroom wash basins and other fields.