2130 ATC CNC Wood Nesting Machine Router with Automatic Labeling Function for Furniture Production

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  • Inverter:Taiwan 11kw DELTA inverter
  • Working Table:Vacuum and T-slot working table
  • Tool magazine:Carousel type auto tool changer

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After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


This CNC wood nesting machine has automatic labeling and automatic loading and unloading functions, which can effectively improve production efficiency.

CNC wood nesting machine is compact and efficient. It adopts a gantry structure to ensure the best accuracy for each processing operation. It has high-quality accessories such as HSD spindle, which greatly improves the quality of the processing efficiency machine.


  • Run smoothly. The CNC wood nesting machine uses Japanese Yaskawa servo motors and drivers, making the equipment more stable in the rapid processing room.
  • Save human effort. Equipped with automatic labeling and automatic loading and unloading devices, it can quickly identify the position of the plate and improve work efficiency.
  • Full functioning. This CNC woodworking nesting machine has drilling function and comes with Italian HSD9+3+1 drilling kit.
  • Company strength. Blue Elephant has more than 50 patents and certificates, has focused on the CNC industry for 12 years, and has in-depth cooperation with more than 8,000 companies.


Model ELECNC-2130ATC
Working area 2100x3000x200mm
Spindle Italy 9.6kw HSD ATC air cooling spindle
Spindle speed 6000-24000RPM
Inverter Taiwan 11kw DELTA inverter
Tool magazine Carousel type auto tool changer with 8 tools
Control system Taiwan SYNTEC6MB control system with MPG handle wheel
Motor and driver 850w Japan Yaskawa servo motors and drivers
Working Table Vacuum and T-slot working table
limit switch Japan OMRON limit switch
Reducer Japan SHIMPO Reducer
Lubrication system New type 1.5L big Automatic lubrication
Voltage 380v, 3phase, 50HZ
Vacuum pump German Becker pump/air type vacuum pump/ water circulation vacuum pump
Dust collector 1.5kw double bags dust collector system
Tool sensor Automatic tool sensor calibration

PS: All the working areas and specifications can be customized according to your requests.


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Application & Sample

The automatic loading and unloading CNC wood nesting machine uses a computer to automatically optimize layout, which can increase the material output rate to a greater extent and increase the utilization rate of the board. This is an economical choice for furniture factories. The cutting machine uses milling cutters to support processing of a variety of shapes. At the same time, automatic typesetting software can also optimize the layout of special shapes, making special-shaped cutting faster and more accurate.