China 1530 ATC 4 Axis 3D CNC Wood Carving Machine With Rotary Axis


  • Brand : Blue Elephant
  • Model :ELECNC-1530ATC-4
  • Table Size:1500*3000*400mm

Payment Terms : T/T/Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover cards

After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


  • ATC 4 Axis 3d cnc wood carving machine with rotary axis processing fields more.
  • Automatic lubrication system extends machine life.
  • With automatic tool changing function, working faster.


  • Recently updated control system with high efficiency.
  • Equipped with dust collector, machine cleaning is more convenient and clean.
  • Well-known brand accessories and systems, high quality.
  • Gantry frame structure makes the machine more stable during operation.


Description Parameters
Model ELECNC-1530ATC-4
Working size 1500*3000*400mm
Color Black (customizable)
Working Voltage 220V, 3Phase, 60Hz
Control system Taiwan SYNTEC control system with handle
Spindle 9kw Italy HSD ATC air cooling spindle
Tool holder ISO30
Inverter 11kw Delta Inverter
Motor &Driver 850W Japan YASKAWA motors and 1kw drivers
Traveling speed 45m/min
Working speed 25m/min
Auto tool changer magazine Carousel
Tool slots 8
Table surface T-slot and vacuum working table
Lubrication system Automatic lubrication system
Gantry structure Gantry moving
Structure Bigger heavy duty welded frame and gantry
Transmission Taiwan TBI ball screw
Rail ABBA Linear square guide #25
Vacuum pump Water circulation vacuum pump
Dust collector 1.5kw new type double packet dust collector(220V, 3Phase, 60Hz)
Rotary device diameter 300mm


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Application & Sample

The “China 1530 ATC 4 Axis CNC Machine for 3D Woodworking” is capable of creating intricate 3D carvings and sculptures. It can work on various materials including hardwood, soft metal, and even musical instruments. The machine’s high precision and speed make it ideal for creating detailed and complex designs. Moreover, it features an automatic tool change function, which allows it to use different tools without stopping the machine. This feature significantly enhances its efficiency and productivity.