1212 4 Axis Rotary CNC Router for Machining Cylindrical Workpieces

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  • Brand : Blue Elephant
  • Model :ELECNC-1212
  • Table Size:1200*1200*500mm

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After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.

Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month


  • 4 Axis Rotary CNC router for machining cylindrical workpieces.
  • Heavy-duty thickened structure for smoother operation.
  • With swivel.
  • 5.5KW Changsheng water-cooled spindle.


  • Sufficient driving force and fast running speed.
  • High-cost performance and can process all non-metallic materials.
  • Using a computer operating system is simpler and more labor-saving.


Serial Number S20191205Y
Model ELECNC-1212
Working area 1200*1200*500mm
Spindle 5.5KW Changsheng water cooling spindle
Control system Taiwan LNC 2200 control system
Motor and driver Leadshine servo motor and  driver
Working Table T-slot & aluminum table
Structure Heavy duty thicker structure
Working Table T-slot working table
Limit switch Japan Omron limit switch
Lubrication system Automatic oil lubrication system


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Application & Sample

The 1212 4 Axis Rotary CNC router for processing cylindrical workpieces can be used to process non-metallic materials and cylindrical workpieces, and can be widely used in the construction industry, decoration industry, mold industry, etc. It can process some materials such as wood, PVC, glass, soft metal, etc. Below are some application pictures of the 1212 4 Axis Rotary CNC router, which can provide you with a reference.