Panel saw mainly include computer panel saws and sliding table saws, which are widely used for precision cutting of density boards, MDF, particle boards, gypsum boards, plexiglass, acrylic boards, PS boards, light guide boards, solid wood boards, etc.

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Blue Elephant CNC panel saw is highly intelligent. Workers only need to input the data needed to cut materials, start the machine, and the machine runs automatically, making it very convenient to use. It is equipped with feeding machinery, and a high-precision servo system controls the feeding accuracy. Can cut plates of any shape.

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Features of Panel Saw

High flexibility: The panel saw can complete horizontal and vertical cutting of boards, and can also cut boards with special shapes. It is highly flexible.
Save labor: The degree of automation is high, and there is no need to manually move the boards repeatedly, saving time and effort, and reducing labor intensity.
Improve cutting efficiency: The panel saw can quickly respond to different cutting requirements and achieve efficient and high-precision cutting operations.
High precision: The cutting accuracy of the panel saw can reach up to ±0.15mm, and the cutting thickness can reach 100mm. It is intelligently controlled to reduce errors.

Parameters of Panel Saw

Model ELECNC-380, ELECNC-420, ELECNC-280HG, etc
Panel saw dimension 5400x5300x1800mm,5900x5800x1800mm,7300x6530x1900mm
Cutting thickness 100mm
Main saw blade diameter 350mm
Groove saw blade revolving speed 6900rpm
Forward speed of carriage 100m/min
Backward speed of carriage 150m/min
Air pressure 5-7kg/cm2


CNC panel saw is an advanced mechanical equipment widely used in woodworking, furniture manufacturing, building decoration and other industries. It uses advanced CNC technology to accurately cut various plates, improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

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Furniture manufacturing

CNC panel saws can cut panels into various furniture components, such as tabletops, chair backs, drawers, etc.

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Cabinet production

Panel saws have high blade speed, smooth operation, large production capacity, and smooth plate end faces, so they are also used in cabinet production.

panel saw

Construction industry

In the construction decoration industry, it can be used to cut various decorative panels, such as wall panels, ceilings, etc.

panel saw

Woodworking industry

In the woodworking industry, it can be used to cut various types of wood, such as solid wood boards, artificial boards, and plywood.

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Wooden box making

Panel saws enable precise cutting, ensuring product quality and dimensional consistency.


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1. Computer panel saws are more flexible. Processing parts on computer panel saws mainly depends on the processing procedures. It is different from ordinary machine tools, so there is no need to make and replace many molds and fixtures, and there is no need to adjust the machine tool from scratch. The production preparation cycle is shortened and a large amount of process equipment costs are saved.
2. The processing accuracy of computer panel saws can usually reach 0.05-0.1mm. Computer panel saws are controlled by digital signals, so the positioning accuracy of computer panel saws is relatively high.
3. Process the same batch of parts on the same machine tool, under the same processing conditions, using the same tools and processing procedures. The tool trajectories are exactly the same, the parts have good consistency and stable quality.
4. The rapid movement positioning and high-speed cutting of the computer panel saw’s moving parts greatly improve productivity. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with the tool magazine of the processing base to complete multiple processes of continuous processing on one machine tool, reducing the turnaround time between semi-finished product processes and improving the yield rate.
5. Before processing the computer panel saw, after adjustment, enter the program and start it. The machine tool can automatically process one after another until the processing is completed. The operator only needs to perform operations such as program input, modification, parts loading and unloading, tool preparation, processing condition observation, and parts inspection, so labor intensity is greatly reduced.

The panel saw is easy to operate, stable, safe and efficient. It is an equipment for batch, standardized and professional production of furniture. Mainly used for sawing plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, veneer, laminated board, block board, spliced solid wood board and plastic board, etc.

Different types of panel saws have different prices. Generally, the price of a sliding table saw is between 2,000 and 5,000 US dollars, and the price of a computer panel saw is higher, about 20,000 and 35,000 US dollars. Sliding table saws are more suitable for small businesses or shops, while computer saws are suitable for larger factories.
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