Multi-axis CNC routers have 2-8 spindles and can perfectly switch between different tools through the ATC (automatic tool changer) system. It can meet the needs of customers for large-scale mass production.

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The biggest feature of Blue Elephant multi-axis CNC router is that it has multiple axes and even multiple heads, which can automatically replace multiple saws and knives. It has high efficiency and high precision, which can meet your needs for mass production of workpieces.

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Features of Multi-Spindle CNC Routers

High efficiency: With multiple axes and multiple heads working at the same time, production efficiency is higher.

Applicable people: Suitable for large-scale batch processing in factories.

High cost performance: it can satisfy a variety of processing and manufacturing processes, and is the first choice for large manufacturing plants.

Quality assurance: The quality has been tested by the market and has obtained international certification and recognition by customers in hundreds of countries.

Parameters of Multi-Spindle CNC Routers

Brand Blue Elephant
Model ELECNC-1325, 1530, 2030, etc
Working area 1300*2500*200mm, 1500*3000*200mm, 2000*3000*200mm,
Spindle 9KW HQD ATC air-cooled spindle
Inverter 11kw Fuling inverter
Control system Mach3 control system,SYNTEC 60CA, option: Taiwan LNC controller
Motor and driver Leadshine 850W servo motors and drivers
Working Table T-slot & vacuum work table
Lubrication system Manual/Automatic lubrication system
Voltage 380V 3PH 50HZ/ 60HZ
X, Y axis travel 1500*3000mm, option: 1300x2500mm, 2100*3000mm, 2100*4000mm, etc.


Blue Elephant multi-axis CNC router can use the control system for intelligent operation, high-efficiency and precise cutting and engraving, and is suitable for woodworking, signage, mold manufacturing and other fields. Can be used in decoration industry, mold industry, construction industry, handicraft industry, furniture industry, etc.

Multi-axis CNC router-1

Furniture industry

Multi-axis CNC router can use its multi-functional features to process and carve complex cabinets, tables and chairs.

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Signage industry

The multi-axis CNC router can process advertising engraving products such as signs.

Multi-axis CNC router (3)

Decorate industry

Multi-axis CNC engraving machine can carve decorations with complex patterns

Multi-axis CNC router (4)

Decoration industry

Multi-axis CNC engraving machines can carve complex staircase patterns with high precision and efficiency.

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Handicraft industry

The multi-axis CNC engraving machine can carve complex handicrafts and has the characteristics of beautiful processing and high efficiency.


What is multi-spindle CNC?

A multi-spindle machine tool refers to a CNC milling machine that can have multiple spindles, and each spindle can operate independently, which means multiple workpieces can be processed simultaneously on one machine tool.

Can be used in the furniture industry, advertising industry, handicraft industry, construction industry, decoration industry, mold industry, etc.

Due to the characteristics of multiple spindles, it can process multiple workpieces at the same time, so it is more suitable for high-volume batch production. Each spindle can cut at the same time, thereby improving production efficiency.

First, when processing workpieces with symmetrical patterns, you can choose to buy. Second, when you need to cut and carve hard materials, you can consider buying.

It can be applied in the decoration industry, mold industry, construction industry, handicraft industry, furniture industry, etc.

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