The edge bander machine is an edge banding equipment used in furniture manufacturing, including pre-milling - gluing - cutting - trimming - rough and fine trimming - edge scraping - polishing and other steps. It mainly includes fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual and special-shaped edge banding. machine etc.

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edge bander machine edge banding machine



Blue Elephant edge bander machine realizes automated production by integrating multiple processes. It can complete edge banding, glazing, edge grinding, drilling and other tasks at one time, with high precision and high production efficiency.

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Features of Edge Bander

Fine processing: The edge bander machine uses advanced technology and precise control to achieve fine processing of the edge of the board, which not only improves the appearance quality of the product, but also increases the tactile feel of the product.

Efficient production: The edge bander machine has fast and accurate processing capabilities. Through automated operation and high-speed processing, production efficiency is greatly improved.

Diversified adaptability: The edge bander machine can be adjusted according to different edge banding requirements. It can adapt to plates of different sizes, shapes and materials to meet the individual needs of customers.

Quality accessories: The accessories of this machine are of very high quality, which can ensure the life of the machine and make the machine last longer.

Parameters of Edge Bander

Model E70JDSC, E60J, F97, etc
Machine Size 9250*960*1750mm,8000*1100*1600mm
Feed speed 16 – 23m/min
Total Power 18.14kw,21kw,15.5kW
Panel Width ≥60mm
Air pressure 0.6MPa
Edge band thickness 0.4-3mm


Edge bander machines are usually used in home manufacturing, decoration, furniture manufacturing and other related fields, and are an important process in the furniture production line. Edge banding machine products are serialized, customer choices are diversified, automated, high-efficiency, and high-precision.

edge bander machine edge banding machine cabinet

Cabinet beautification

The edge banding machine can also be used in cabinet production. It can waterproof, seal the release of harmful gases and reduce deformation. It can also beautify furniture.

edge bander machine edge banding machine cabinet

Board decoration

The application of edge banding machines can improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and at the same time ensure the quality and aesthetics of edge banding.

edge bander machine edge banding machine cabinet

Wooden door production

Automatic linear edge banding machines have high manufacturing precision, are expensive, and are easy to use and maintain, so many manufacturers use them to beautify various wooden doors.

cnc cabinet making machine

Furniture production

In home decoration, the edge banding machine plays a very important role. Using the edge banding machine can improve construction efficiency and reduce errors and waste.

edge bander machine edge banding machine cabinet

Screen production

The raw materials used by panel furniture manufacturers mainly include particleboard, medium-thick board and other artificial panels. Many companies also use them to produce screens and other decorations.


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The functions of the edge banding machine include: pre-milling, gluing, edge banding, front and rear trimming, rough trimming, fine trimming, profiling tracking, edge scraping, grooving and additional thermal transfer functions. The key to purchasing a suitable edge banding machine is to choose the corresponding functions according to your own production needs.

The following is an introduction to each main function:

1. Pre-milling is to process the board to be edge-sealed before edge-sealing to ensure the smoothness of the surface of the board before edge-sealing and the perpendicularity of the cross-section and the board surface, so as to ensure the edge-sealing effect of the board.

2. Gluing is to apply glue on the surface of the board to be edge-sealed before combining it with the edge-banding tape to ensure a firm combination between the board and the edge-banding tape.

3. Sealing is a pressing process after combining the glue-coated board and the edge banding, so that the board and the edge banding can be bonded better and more firmly.

4. To align the front and rear edges, the excess edge banding on the front and back of the edge-sealed board is cut off to ensure that the surface of the four corners of the board is smooth after edge sealing.

5. Rough trimming is a rough trimming treatment of the edge-sealed plate before fine trimming. Its main function is to leave a small amount of trimming for fine trimming in order to achieve a good finishing effect.

The above are the commonly used functions of edge banding machines. If you are not sure what to pay attention to, you can communicate with us and we will give you reasonable suggestions.

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