The CNC door lock machine is a very important piece of equipment in woodworking machinery. The door lock machine is mainly used to process wooden doors, door frames, door locks, door lock steps, hinge holes, and process holes at one time.

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Blue Elephant CNC door lock machine is not only economical and practical, but also simple to operate. It does not require complicated programming and can be operated by ordinary workers, which greatly simplifies the process and improves work efficiency.

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Features of Door Lock Machine

Powerful system: The door lock machine has a dedicated door lock control system. The door locks have rich shapes and are suitable for processing various door types.
Full-featured: There is an auxiliary loading and unloading device, the wooden door is easy to clamp, multiple knives can be switched freely, and the equipment operation is simple and convenient.
Accurate positioning: The system has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, and high stability, which enables precise positioning and higher processing accuracy.
Simple operation: The operation interface is simple and intuitive, and ordinary workers can get started with simple training, without the need for professional programmers.

Parameters of Door Lock Machine

Dimension 3600x1300x1450mm
Worktable height 750mm
Spindle rotating speed 18000RP m/min
Max. processing size 2800x1000x70mm
Idling speed 10-100m/min
Processing speed 10-80m/min
Motor 750W servo motorx3
Inverter 7.5kw
Lubrication Automatic lubrication system
Ball screw #25 Taiwan high-precision ball screw
Guide rail #25 Taiwan Linear guide
Bearing and bearing seat Taiwan High precision bearing
Cable High flexible double shielded wire
Reducer Planetary Reducer
Rack high precision rack gear


CNC door lock machines are suitable for the wooden door industry and furniture woodworking industry. They are very popular among wooden door manufacturers and can complete wooden door processing in one go. Blue Elephant door lock machine has high precision and long service life, making it your best choice.

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Furniture production

The CNC door lock machine can not only carve the door panels, but also complete the processing of the lock tenon, lock groove, and lock step groove of the wooden door in one go.

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Wooden door lock

Used for milling and drilling slots on the wooden door surface and side lockhole shapes to conveniently and accurately control door lock slot processing and manufacturing requirements.

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Hinge hole

Use special wooden door pressure plate to fix the tabletop, which can be fixed accurately.

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Process hole

The door lock machine can also process holes for some handicrafts, which can achieve different functions and has flexible processing methods.

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Window frame manufacturing

The various components of the door lock machine work closely together, making the operation simple and convenient, and having a wide range of uses.


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Door lock hole milling machines are mainly used to process wooden doors, door frames, door locks, door lock steps, hinge holes, craft holes, etc.

The CNC door lock machine is not only used to make lock holes for solid assembled wooden doors, but also to process hinge holes and paint process holes for painting solid wood doors. It can also trim both ends and sides of solid wood doors to make them meet processing size requirements. Moreover, the CNC solid wood door lock machine is very simple to operate. It does not require complicated programming, nor does it need to be processed by a professional carpenter. Ordinary workers can operate it. The entire process is greatly simplified and the efficiency is greatly improved.