CNC drilling machine is a digitally controlled hole processing machine tool mainly focused on drilling, drilling machine is widely used in the cabinet and furniture manufacturing industry.

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cnc drilling machine



Blue Elephant CNC drilling machines include six-sided drilling machines and side drilling machines, which are mostly used for drilling holes in furniture. They can drill holes with high precision in a short time and have a high degree of automation.

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Features of CNC Drilling

High precision: CNC drilling machine is a precision CNC equipment that can achieve high-precision processing, thereby ensuring the accuracy and stability of processing.
Accurate positioning: The CNC drilling machine has a high-precision positioning function, which can accurately position the drilling head at the predetermined position of the processed object.
High productivity: CNC drilling machines can automatically complete drilling processes in batches, which can greatly improve production efficiency and processing efficiency.
High workpiece quality: CNC drilling machines can also ensure the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece during processing, and avoid defects such as scratches, cracks, and color differences.

Parameters of CNC Drilling

Model ET6T, ELE200, ET6D, etc
Working size 1300x2500mm,250-2800mm
Processing thickness 12-45mm
Main saw blade diameter 350mm
Control system Blue Elephant Custom System
Working voltage 380V/60HZ/3PH


CNC drilling machines have high processing accuracy and stable quality. They only need to clamp and position the workpieces once, and then they can automatically process the parts in multiple processes, helping enterprises to comprehensively improve production efficiency and save a lot of labor costs.

CNC drilling machine application

Furniture production

CNC drilling machines have good impact resistance, toughness, hardness, and wear resistance, and are widely used in the furniture manufacturing industry.

CNC drilling machine application

Board drilling

Drilling holes in boards to make them easier to fix, assemble, etc.

CNC drilling machine application

Wooden door industry

Drilling machines can drill, tap, mill, etc. on parts for a long time, and are mostly used for drilling door locks.

CNC drilling machine application

Decoration industry

CNC drilling machines are highly flexible and can process highly complex parts such as complex curved parts.

CNC drilling machine application


CNC drilling machines have high processing precision and stable quality, and can automatically process parts in multiple processes.


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We have obtained more than 50 patents and certificates such as CE, ISO9001, BV, SGS, TUV, etc.

Except for wearing parts, the entire machine has a one-year warranty.

CNC drilling machines are digitally controlled hole processing machine tools that mainly focus on drilling. They are mainly used for drilling, enlarging, reaming, tapping and other processing. Compared with traditional manual or semi-automatic operation methods, CNC drilling machines have higher stability and accuracy. As one of the necessary equipment in modern industry, CNC drilling machines have significant advantages in improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing product quality.

CNC drilling center can process a variety of materials because the equipment can replace different tools at will. Both metal and non-metal materials can be processed, such as wood, plastic, acrylic, medium density fiberboard, stainless steel, and stone.

High processing efficiency: When drilling holes with a six-sided drill, it can drill the front, back and four sides at one time, which can save a lot of manual turning time. The drilling efficiency can be directly doubled, saving more time. .
Small accuracy error: Using a six-sided drill, one-time positioning, six-sided drilling can be completed without turning the plate. Processing with the same equipment results in smaller errors, more accurate processing accuracy, and more stable effects.
Efficient production: It can be connected with other equipment to achieve automated and intelligent production and processing, and achieve efficient production of customized panel furniture.
The plate work surface is stable: the pneumatic floating ball work table will not scratch the plate when the table moves.