Blue Elephant ATC CNC Router For Efficient Machining

  • Linear and rotary tool change options available
  • Complete a variety of complex processing at one time
  • Improve efficiency by 50%

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Blue Elephant-CNC Machine Builder For Your Every Needs

  • 45,000 square meters of high-end professional factories
  • 50 patents and certificates
  • 10 years of industrial specialization

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The 6 Best-Selling ATC CNC Routers

1325 4×8 CNC Router with a Laser Head with Automatic Tool Changer

1. Equipped with laser head
2. 9kw HQD ATC air cooling spindle, 24000rpm
3. Carousel type auto tool changer

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1325 ATC CNC Router Machine, with Rotary Device

1. 8pcs carousel tool magazine
2. Schmalz PTP working table with 6 lines
3. With rotating device

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1325 Ball Screw-Driven Nesting ATC CNC Router

1. TBI grinding grade ball screw
2. Two servo carousel tool magazines
3. High processing precision

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2030 Linear ATC CNC Router with Eot-3 Oscillating Knife

1. 8 linear tool libraries with Bt 30 tool handles
2. Germany Eot-3 oscillating knife
3. 1.5kw new type double bag dust collector

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1530 ATC CNC Router Machine with Disc Tool Changer

1. Multifunctionality increased by 50% more efficient
2. Carousel type auto tool changer
3. 360-degree rotatable polymer head

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2128 Linear ATC CNC Router for Wood with Drilling Head

1. Equipped with a drill bit
2. Full vacuum working table
3. The latest technology and the highest security levels

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What ATC CNC Router Can Be Used To Solve

Blue Elephant ATC CNC router machine can process non-metallic materials such as wood, PVC, plastic, medium density fiberboard and so on. Suitable for furniture, carpentry, decoration, advertising and other industries.

Blue Elephant ATC CNC router machine can process non-metallic materials such as wood, PVC, plastic, medium density fiberboard and so on. It can realize cutting, drilling, engraving and other processes. Suitable for furniture, carpentry, decoration, advertising and other industries.

ATC CNC Router-application-1

Furniture industry

This is an American customer in the furniture industry using ATC equipment to carve the wooden door.

ATC CNC Router-Application-2

Woodworking industry

This is a Brazilian customer using our ATC CNC equipment to process table and chair legs.

ATC CNC Router-application-3

Decoration industry

This is a Los Angeles client carving intricate patterns on a wooden door frame.

Advertising industry

This is a British customer using our ATC CNC Router for creative processing in advertising.

What Our Customers Do With ATC CNC Router

Feedback from our French customer – Lochu Cedric has been working on the ELECNC1325 4-axis ATC CNC machine for four years. He uses it every day to cut wood, foam and aluminum. To this day, the machine is still running fine.

This customer from Romania has been using Blue Elephant’s customized ELECNC2030 ATC woodworking machine for 5 years. It has been running with high precision and can increase work efficiency by 50%.

Reasons Why Blue Elephant Is Trustworthy

Blue Elephant has a professional team that has focused on the R&D and manufacturing of automated woodworking equipment and CNC equipment since its establishment.

What Can Blue Elephant Offer You

Pre-sale service: Each machine must pass more than 160 tests. Blue Elephant guarantees the factory quality of each machine and passes the CE ISO 9001 certification standard.

After-sales service: We have a professional after-sales service team that provides 24/7 full online and offline services, so that you can have no worries about subsequent use and maintenance.