What can CNC Router do? (Material Version)

Blue Elephant offers the most complete line of woodworking machines on the market today. Our machines can process any imaginable material, basically covering wood, stone, acrylic organic board, PVC board, hibiscus board, two-color board, wood board, density board, marble, rubber, glass, crystal and other non-metallic materials Most materials and so on. See application details for some of the most popular materials below.

Magnesium Oxide Board

Magnesium oxide board can widely replace gypsum board, cement pressure board and plywood used in construction. Our CNC milling machines can achieve cutting and grooving of MGO boards efficiently and with high precision.

Aluminum Plastic Panel

Aluminum-plastic panels has the characteristics of light weight and low density. Our CNC engraving machine can realize cutting, grooving, sawing, drilling and other processing of aluminum-plastic panels.


Paper can often be made into greeting cards, invitations, and paper artwork in beautiful patterns and shapes. CNC engraving technology can quickly produce greeting cards, paper lampshades, packaging boxes and other artworks.


As a polymer material, acrylic can be processed by various processing methods such as acrylic cutting, engraving, marking, and milling.

Double Color Plate

Two-color panels can be used for architectural decoration, exhibitions, advertising and logo production. CNC engraving machines can cut and engrave sheets into designed shapes, sizes and patterns.


Rubber can be processed into stamps, official seals, rubber sheets, EVA artificial rubber sheets, rubber signs, slippers, coasters, sculptures and other handicrafts.


Foam is light in weight, low in price, short in production cycle, and easy to process. It can be used to process automobiles, electrical appliance molds, ceramic sanitary ware, etc.

Laser Cutting Fabric

Laser cutting fabric products are used in various industries. Fabric laser cutting machines can also engrave soft materials, including shoe materials, bags, leather goods, handbags, etc.