The 5 axis CNC router specializes in processing complex curved surfaces. Its five spindles perform multi-faceted processing and can process wood, polystyrene foam, stone, etc. It is widely used in aerospace, automobiles, precision instruments, medical equipment and other industries.

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5 axis CNC router



The 5 axis CNC router machine can process a variety of materials and can perform three-dimensional and multi-faceted three-dimensional processing with only one positioning. It has the advantages of high precision and can cut complex shapes, and is widely used in many industries such as furniture, molds, and construction.

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Features of 5 Axis CNC Routers

5 rotating spindles: With 5 spindles that can rotate 360°, it can flexibly process workpieces of various shapes and ensure processing accuracy.

Wide range of applications: 5 axis CNC machines can be used to process complex curved surfaces, irregular workpieces, various molds, large solid wood furniture and polystyrene foam sculptures, etc.

Automatic tool changing: Equipped with 12 tool magazines, the tool changing speed is fast, which greatly improves production efficiency.

High precision: Using a variety of well-known brand components, high-performance processing while ensuring accuracy.

Parameters of 5 Axis CNC Routers

Model ELECNC1212-5 Axis CNC Router
X,Y axis travel 1200X1200mm
Z axis travel 500mm
Spindle type 12kw water cooling spindle,24000RPM
Inverter type 15kw Fuling inverter
Tool magazine Automatic tool changer with 12pcs magazine
Tool holder with collet HSK F63 tool holder
Control system Syntec 610-E5 5 axis control system with RTCP functions
Driving system X, Yaxis 1.8kw; Z axis 1.3kw Japan Yaskawa servo motors
Reducer Japan Shimpo
Machine structure Heavy duty body with quenching treatment
Work table T-slot & Vacuum working table (2 zones)
Linear guide Taiwan 30# Linear guide
Transmission Taiwan TBI screw
Lubrication system 1.5L automatic lubrication system
Tool calibration Automatic tool sensor calibration
Cables Germany Igus cables with CE, cUL certificate
Compatible software Powermill software
Command language G Code
Working voltage 380V 3PH 50HZ


The 5 axis CNC router can produce complex 3D models, helping you process complex parts, art sculptures, etc. more quickly and efficiently. It can also solve the problem of processing wood, stone, plastic rubber, composite materials and other materials.

5 axis cnc router application-1

Aerospace industry

The high-precision characteristics of the 5 axis CNC router are suitable for fine processing in aviation, military, and high-precision equipment.

5 axis cnc router application-2

Deep cavity mold

Rapid cutting can be used to make molds in high volumes and produce complex components.

5 axis cnc router application-3

Furniture industry

High-efficiency production can be achieved for wood engraving and cutting, which can be used in furniture, construction, etc.

5 axis cnc router application-4

Model production

The 5 axis CNC router realizes precision processing and 3D multi-dimensional processing of the model to achieve a satisfactory processing model.

5 axis cnc router -application-2

Plaster carving

A variety of materials can be processed, and the flexibility of 5 axes provides edge and side finishing for plaster carving.


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Five-axis CNC milling machine, also known as five-axis machining center, five-axis CNC milling machine, five-axis CNC milling machine, etc., has the advantage of high processing accuracy and is specially used for processing complex curved surface workpieces. It plays an important role in aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical and other fields.

The five-axis machining center can process flat surfaces, curved surfaces, inclined surfaces, oblique holes, 2D, 3D curved surfaces, and 3D straight lines. In addition, the five-axis CNC machine tool only needs to fix and position the workpiece once, and can achieve all-round continuous milling, engraving, Drill and saw.
It can be used to produce:

1. Box-type parts, such as automobile engine cylinder heads, clutch and gearbox housings, pumps.

2. Complex curved surfaces, such as bevel gears, pinions, impellers.

3. Irregular parts, including drilling and milling , boring, reaming, reaming and rigid tapping processes.

4. Molds, such as ship molds, automobile molds, construction molds.

5. Statues and sculptures.

6. Large solid wood furniture.

7. Polystyrene foam or plaster models.

With CNC programming, a 5-axis CNC machine can move the tool simultaneously in five different axes, which will help the tool access the material from all directions. 5-axis machining technology refers to a machining technology in which complex-shaped curved surfaces require the use of 5 independent axes to perform CNC interpolation motion together to obtain a smooth and smooth surface. The number of axes in five-axis simultaneous machining refers to the number of axes that need to move independently when processing the same curved surface, rather than the number of axes that can be controlled by the CNC. Compared with three-axis CNC machine tools, five-axis CNC machine tools can reduce processing errors and surface roughness by 1/3~1/6.

1. Composite material industry: A 5-axis CNC machine tool can trim and punch various composite material products such as plastic parts, fiberglass parts, rubber and plastic products.

2. Mold industry: Five-axis CNC machine tools can process fiberglass wood molds, cast wood molds, resin products, clay models, and various non-metal molds.

3. Ceramic sanitary ware industry: A five-axis CNC machine tool can make plaster molds and five-axis process various plaster products.

4. Furniture industry: Five-axis CNC machine tools can manufacture five-axis CNC projects such as solid wood furniture, furniture mortise and tenon parts, and stair elbows.

5. Musical instrument industry Five-axis CNC machine tools can perform three-dimensional surface cutting and engraving on large musical instruments.

As one of the best professional five-axis CNC engraving machine manufacturers, when maintaining CNC five-axis engraving machines, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the CNC system. Otherwise, long-term use will cause damage to the performance of electronic and mechanical components. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the best 5-axis CNC woodworking milling machine as much as possible, routine maintenance is very important.

1. Develop rules and regulations for daily maintenance.

Determine your own maintenance procedures based on the different characteristics of parts. Clearly stipulate which 5-axis CNC kits need to be cleaned every day, whether the mechanical structure is well lubricated, and which parts need to be replaced regularly (such as DC servo motor brushes and commutators to be inspected once a month).

2. Monitor the grid voltage of the CNC system.

Blue Elephant’s 5-axis CNC woodworking milling machine allows the grid voltage of the 5-axis CNC system to fluctuate within the range of 85% to 110% of the rated value. If it exceeds this range, the CNC five-axis milling machine system sold will not work properly. Even worse, the electronic components inside the CNC system can be damaged.

3. Replace the battery regularly.

In order to save the stored content when the CNC system is powered off, a rechargeable battery maintenance circuit is installed inside. When the CNC system is powered on, the 5V power supply supplies power to the CMOSRAM through the diode and charges the rechargeable battery. When the power supply of the CNC system is cut off, the information in the CMOSRAM is maintained by the battery. Under normal circumstances, even if the battery does not malfunction, the battery should be replaced once a year to ensure the normal operation of the system. In addition, it should be noted that battery replacement should be performed while the CNC system is powered on.

4. Regularly check the CNC cabinet and high-voltage cabinet.

In summer, some users will open the CNC cabinet door to dissipate heat, causing the woodworking CNC 5-axis system to overload for a long time. It will cause accelerated damage to the five-axis CNC system. The correct method is to reduce the external ambient temperature of the 5-axis CNC machine tool system. Check each cooling fan on the five-axis machining center cabinet every day to see if it is working properly. At the same time, check whether the air duct filter is blocked every six months or quarterly, depending on the working environment. If there is too much dust on the filter, it needs to be cleaned in time. Otherwise, the temperature inside the CNC system cabinet will be too high (generally not allowed to exceed 55°C), causing an overheating alarm or unreliable operation of the CNC system.