The 5 axis bridge saw is a more powerful cutting machine specially used to cut stone. It can achieve 90-degree bevel angle cutting of marble, granite, and ceramic tiles.

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5-axis bridge saw



The 5 axis bridge saw is equipped with 5 spindles, coupled with the configuration of internationally renowned brand components, it can process more processes, perform cutting at more angles, and achieve accurate and efficient processing of more different shapes and types of stone.

If you need a more powerful and efficient cutting machine, you can choose a 5 axis bridge saw. You can call us or fill out the form to leave us information.

Features of 5 Axis Bridge Saws

Sturdy and durable: The bridge, slide rails and tool holder are made of cast iron, which are strong and durable, with low vibration during processing and higher overall stability.

Automatic cutting: With built-in programming system, the machine will automatically work according to the set program, greatly improving production efficiency and saving manpower.

Flexible and convenient: The A-axis cutting head can be tilted 90 degrees, and the C-axis can be rotated 360 degrees, making processing of special-shaped materials more flexible.

Five-axis high efficiency: Multiple spindles are installed, which can perform various processing techniques such as chamfering, arc, special-shaped cutting, milling, and edge grinding.

Parameters of 5 Axis Bridge Saws

ES5-3220 5 Axis Bridge Saw Machine for Granite Stone
Working travel X, Y, and Z 3200*2000*400mm
C axis ±360°
A axis 0-90°
Moving speed Xaxis 30m/min
Yaxis 30m/min
Zaxis 15m/min
Servo motor Xand Y 1300W absolute servo motor
Zaxis 1300W absolute servo motor with brake
A and C 1000W absolute servo motor
Guide rail X, Y, and Z: # 30
Rack X、Y 2MT-WIN
Worktable Structure Square timber
Worktable size 3200×2000mm
Turning angle 0-80°
Max. weight for turning 800KG
Saw Dimension 450mm
Max. cutting thickness 100mm
Ball screw Z 3210PREYP
Reducer X/Y: Japan SHIMPO
Saw motor 11KW motor, rated: 3000r/min
Inverter 15KW BRICH
Control system Blue Elephant customized system (built-in CAM software)
Low-voltage electronics French SCHNEIDER
Working air pressure 0.7-0.8Mpa
Voltage 380V/3P/50HZ
Overall dimension 5.85×4.5×3.3m
Weight 5.5ton


The 5 axis bridge saw can realize various types of special-shaped cutting, arcs, chamfering, etc. at any angle. It is widely used in kitchen and bathroom, decoration, stone carving, signage, handicrafts, construction and other industries. It is an ideal machine for stone processing.


Kitchen and bathroom processing

Bridge cutting saws have the advantage of high-precision processing and can cut kitchen and bathroom countertops, etc., and are suitable for use in stone kitchen and bathroom applications.

5 axis cnc bridge saw application-2

Decoration industry

It can process complex materials and meets the requirements of the decoration industry for material processing.

5 axis cnc bridge saw application-3

Stone sculpture

The multi-spindle can be rotated and tilted to facilitate the processing of sculptures of different types and sizes.

5 axis cnc bridge saw application-4

Signage production

It can realize the bevel cutting process and process a variety of more artistic and refined signs.

5 axis cnc bridge saw application-5

Construction industry

Stone processing materials are mostly used in the construction field, and bridge cutting saws can process different building elements.


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The 5-axis bridge saw is the most versatile as it can cut stone anywhere around the vertical axis. The frame of the bridge saw is composed of a bridge, so it is called a bridge saw. It moves on the X-axis and Y-axis at both ends through the motor.

The 5-axis bridge saw machine is an advanced CNC cutting equipment, usually used for processing stone, marble, granite, ceramics and other materials. Compared with traditional cutting equipment, 5-axis bridge saw machines have higher precision, wider cutting capabilities and a higher level of automation.

1. Adopts self-developed five-axis bridge saw head and high-rigidity cast rotating bracket.

2. Using high-precision RV reducer, the saw head rotation accuracy is better. The mobile suction cup combined with CAM software makes it easier to fix the material and prevent the saw blade from overcutting.

3. The workbench can rotate up to 80 degrees, which facilitates the loading and unloading of stones and saves manpower.

4. The control system has built-in CAM software, which can easily make drawings and generate paths, making it easier to operate.