The 4 axis CNC router is designed for processing 3D workpieces. It can process wood, MDF, foam, acrylic and other materials. It is available in rotary axis and ATC models.

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4 axis CNC router



The 4 axis CNC router has a swingable 4-axis spindle, which can engrave in different directions, process 3D materials more flexibly, and can also finely engrave complex patterns. Most specifications can be customized, giving you the flexibility to choose based on your specific project needs.

Features of 4 Axis CNC Routers

Powerful drive: The 4-axis spindle is equipped with a high-power drive system, which can engrave and cut shapes such as 3D cylinders.

High precision: Using advanced ball screws, the operation is smoother and the processing accuracy is higher.

High efficiency: Using a vacuum pump and vacuum workbench, the six working areas can be processed separately or operated at the same time, improving production efficiency.

Dust removal and cleaning: A new type of dust collector is installed to automatically remove dust, keep the spindle and workbench clean, extend the service life, and reduce physical harm to workers.

Parameters of 4 Axis CNC Routers

Serial Number S20190725W
Model ELECNC-1325 4 Axis, 1530 4 Axis, 2030 4 Axis, 2040 4 Axis, etc.
Working area 1300 x 2500mm, 4x8ft, 5x8ft, 5x10ft, 6x12ft, etc.
Spindle 4 Axis air-cooling / water-cooling spindle
Inverter 11KW Fuling inverter
Tool magazine optional
Control system Taiwan LNC with MPG handle wheel
Motor and driver Servo motors and Servo drivers
Switch Japan OMRON
Working Table Aluminum T-slot & vacuum table
limit switch Japan OMRON limit switch
Lubrication system 1.5L Auto oil lubrication system
Voltage 110-450V 3Phase 50-60HZ
Vacuum pump 7.5KW vacuum pump, two stage ,air-cooled , two impeller
X,Y,Z Transmission Taiwan J &T Helical rack and gear box , 1.25M ,Taiwan PMI #25 Rail

Taiwan PMI #25 Linear Bearing& Taiwan TBI Ball Screw #2505

Cable Shanghai Cardiff cable,CE ,UL certification
Dust collector Complete 1.5KW new type dust collector , CE certification, equal as 4KW old type
Tool sensor Auto tool sensor


4 axis CNC router is widely used in furniture production, woodworking, decorations, industrial manufacturing and other fields due to their fast and high efficiency, processing of 3D complex patterns, and high processing accuracy. They can also be used as auxiliary processing tools for panel furniture.

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3D engraving

Rotating spindle and automatic tool changer for high-precision and complex machining, suitable for processing delicate 3D workpieces.

4 axis cnc router application-1

Furniture manufacturing

The 4-axis spindle can be processed from different angles and shapes, and is widely used in cabinets, tables, chairs, doors, windows and other furniture manufacturing.

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Woodworking industry

4 axis CNC router can process wood into circular and cylindrical shapes, and are used in computer desks, wooden railings, table legs, etc.

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Industrial manufacturing

4 axis CNC router can realize processing in industrial fields such as sign making, automotive interiors, and stairs.

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4 axis CNC router can be used to process various materials such as density board, plexiglass, acrylic, MDF, plastic and soft metal.


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Except for wearing parts, the entire machine has a one-year warranty.

The 4-axis CNC router machine has four processing directions of X, Y, Z, and A axes, which can realize the processing of three-dimensional objects. It can also be used in cabinet doors, solid wood doors, computer desks, craft window processing and other fields, as an auxiliary to the panel furniture production line machine.

The true fourth axis is the axis of rotation, allowing the cutting head to rotate around the X, Y, and Z axes. It is capable of continuous rotation, meaning it can spin 360 degrees without stopping. A true fourth axis is also called a rotary table or trunnion table.

The 3-axis CNC machine moves in the X, Y, and Z directions. It can cut and engrave on the three sides of the workpiece. The 4-axis adds a rotation axis, the A-axis, allowing rotation on the A-axis. A 5-axis model has two additional axes, either A, B or C depending on the machine configuration, allowing rotation on two of the three axes.