The 4 axis bridge saw is used to cut granite, marble and other stone materials. It has the characteristics of efficient and accurate cutting and is suitable for use in the stone processing industry.

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4-axis bridge saw



4 axis bridge saw machine is specially designed for diversified processing. It has four main shafts for automated processing, which can achieve cutting, milling and other processes of granite, marble and various stones. It has high cutting efficiency and can process high-quality stone workpieces.

If you need a bridge saw that cuts efficiently, please contact us to learn more about 4-axis bridge saws.

Features of 4 Axis Bridge Saws

Flexible spindle: Equipped with 4 spindles that can rotate 80° to facilitate and flexibly process stone of various shapes and sizes.

Automated processing: Automated system configuration saves manpower and time, and greatly improves production efficiency and accuracy.

Various cutting: The milling cutter spindle can realize edge profiling, grooving, drilling and other processing processes. The maximum cutting thickness is 100mm.

Bridge cutting: The bridge design fixes the material to prevent misalignment, facilitates the movement of stone, and ensures processing precision and accuracy.

Parameters of 4 Axis Bridge Saws

ES4-3220 4 Axis Bridge Saw
Travel 3 axis 3200*2000*200mm
C axis ±360°
A axis 0/45°
Speed X axis 30mmin
Y axis 30mmin
Z axis 10mmin
Servo motor X axis、Y axis 2KW HANYU absolute value servo motor
Z axis 2KW HANYU absolute value servo motor(with brake)
C axis 1KW HANYU absolute value servo motor
Guide Y axis Taiwan 30#
X axis Taiwan 30#
Z axis Taiwan 30#
Rack X axis、Y axis 2M
Worktable Structure squared timber
Size 3200×2000mm
Flip angle 0-85°
Reverse weight 800KG
Saw blade Size 360mm
Maximum thickness 60mm
Screw Z axis 3210
Reducer X/Y axis SHIMPO reducer
Saw blade motor 15KW Saw blade motor (2930r/min)
Inverter 18.5KW Fuling inverter
Controller Blue Elephant customized control system(CAM software)
Low-voltage apparatus Schneider
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Voltage 380V/3P/50HZ
Machine size 5.85m×4.5m×3.6m
Machine weight 3.5t


The 4 axis bridge saw is equipped with a camera, 85° workbench, 360° cutting head, etc., which can process stone from multiple angles. It is widely used in the home decoration industry, kitchen countertop processing, bathroom countertop finishing, etc.

4 Axis Bridge Saw-application-1

Kitchen countertops

4-axis CNC bridge saw machine can cut and shape countertops, with high cutting power and guaranteed processing quality.

4 Axis Bridge Saw-application-2

Tile flooring

The automated system cooperates with the spindle to accurately cut stone, suitable for cutting materials of different shapes and sizes.

4 axis cnc bridge saw application-3

Construction industry

Bridge cutting saws can finely process complex patterns in architectural elements, as well as precise cutting, improving the quality of construction stone processing.

4 axis cnc bridge saw application-4


It adopts advanced accessories, has high operating power and sufficient power, and can quickly process monuments, memorial halls, etc., improving processing efficiency.

4 axis cnc bridge saw-application-5

Sculpture artwork

The bridge cut saw has a rotatable workbench and four spindles for more flexible work, making it easier to process materials from multiple angles.


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The 4 axis bridge saw machine can cut marble, quartz stone, granite and other stone materials, and is used to carve stone sculptures, tombstones, kitchen and bathroom countertops, etc. It can also be used in construction, including cutting stone, concrete bricks, slabs, ceramic tiles, etc.

Blue Elephant bridge saw machine is equipped with built-in CAM software and Lanxiang customized stone CNC machine tool dedicated control system. The interface is user-friendly, easy to learn and operate.